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Helping commercial banks succeed in the cloud

Banks of all sizes have standardized on Salesforce to be more collaborative, lower costs, add flexibility, and maintain the ability to scale rapidly.

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With Salesforce we made
huge strides in productivity.
But it also helped us make
powerful changes in our culture.
SunTrust Banks
Salesforce customers for commercial banking

Salesforce for Commercial Banking

The commercial banking industry is facing an evolving business environment—everything is being re-thought and reconfigured. Banks are re-inventing themselves and their operating models to stay in tune with ever-increasing regulation and emerge leaner, faster, and more focused on their customers.

When leaders look to transform their culture, processes and support systems, they turn to Salesforce for Commercial Banking. Banks of all sizes—like SunTrust Banks, BOK Financial, Santander, and Flagstar Bank—have standardized on Salesforce to be more collaborative, lower costs, add flexibility, and maintain the ability to scale rapidly.

With Salesforce, there's no software to install or hardware to maintain, freeing up resources to focus on what's important: your bank's mission.

Ignite a culture of collaboration

Commercial banks often acquire different lines of business or have different reporting lines. This makes cross-selling and collaborating a strategic imperative but very difficult to achieve in practice. That's why so many banks trust's enterprise-class platform to:

  • Push the right information to employees and let them share information securely
  • Allow employees to follow documents, client records, and external banking systems
  • Let everyone work in real time from any browser or mobile device

Break down hierarchies so you have complete visibility into your business, and no one misses out on critical information.

Standardizing sales

Using Salesforce across your sales teams gets everyone engaged in a single process, while still giving flexibility to different product groups. Within this single process, everyone shares a common language, increasing forecast and pipeline accuracy. With one view across all sales, you can easily identify gaps and allocate valuable specialist resources to increase productivity.

Empower cross-selling and up-selling

In addition to the greater collaboration and standardization that Salesforce brings, you have the opportunity to increase revenue by cross-selling and up-selling products to customers. Your teams can use Salesforce to collaborate on a single customer in real time. All work is tracked appropriately so the right people are recognized and receive proper compensation.

Custom application development

Need an app? The cloud platform makes it easy to develop custom applications. With, you can create what you need to manage all channels. It's already trusted by 100,000+ companies.