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Trailhead is the fun, easy way to learn Salesforce and empowers anyone to gain the skills they need to be successful in the fourth industrial revolution. Join us to learn how our customer Trailblazer leverages Trailhead to onboard new employees, support on-going learning and give back to the tech community.
Join us to learn how Salesforce is bringing together reports and dashboards, augmented intelligence, and advanced analytics to surface Einstein-powered insights right where you work. Salesforce customers across sales, service, and marketing are using the entire range of analytics each day--running 1 billion reports and analyzing 1 trillion rows of data every month. Hear how our Trailblazers plan to use Einstein Analytics to transform their organizations, and get inspired by groundbreaking new features, must-see new products, and killer demos.
Discover Salesforce's "secret sauce" for driving faster business results and value with the world's #1 CRM. Join the Success Cloud team to hear how our always-on, adoption, and advisory services accelerate adoption and innovation for businesses of all sizes. Learn how trailblazers like Toyota Financial Services use the Success Cloud portfolio of product services to transform their business. You'll even hear directly from a customer trailblazer on their journey to success. Attend to learn best practices and for a chance to win a new Blaze plush toy!
The evolutionary path of AI has been described by more than one tech pundit as a 60 year cycle of hype and disappointment. What has happened to make AI so important now? How are we sure we are not at the precipice of yet another hype cycle? At this session, Deloitte Digital will explore these questions, discussing why organizations today view AI as a strategic imperative, its impact in shaping the role of data within organizations, and why applied solutions such as those under the Einstein brand are powering the unstoppable digitization of customer experiences. Join us for a lively discussion. We are Deloitte Digital, an agency and a consultancy, combining leading digital and creative talents with the deep industry and technology capabilities. Our clients bring us their biggest challenges, knowing we have what it takes to help bring their ambitions to life.
Grow your business faster by connecting Sales & Marketing like never before - all on the world's smartest CRM. Join us for a 30 minute lightning round session to learn how Pardot, Ad Studio, Sales Cloud Einstein, and the Salesforce Platform can help you drive pipeline at scale with powerful strategies like account-based marketing. Hear how our B2B marketing Trailblazers are using Salesforce to find more leads, close more deals, and maximize marketing ROI.
Deloitte Digital will discuss their approach to helping change health services delivery, including an overview of how they're using the Salesforce platform to enable rapid innovation, prototyping and pilots. Health Connect framework (built on Salesforce) is designed to help health service providers adopt a patient centric mindset for care and collaboration, helping Healthcare Service Providers engage, and serve their patients and members more effectively through the entire lifecycle of care for chronic, acute and wellness.
Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground for business differentiation. So how do you make sure you're delivering a phenomenal CX? You listen to your customers after every interaction and act quickly on feedback. In this session we'll show you how to build engaging, mobile-friendly surveys and integrate them with Salesforce. You'll hear firsthand from a Salesforce customer and executive on how companies are embracing feedback and moving the needle with surveys and Salesforce.
Many banking and insurance providers are trying to keep up with customer expectations by releasing mobile apps, online portals, and even integrations with voice assistants. Yet these digital banking experiences often remain transactional and disconnected because they are built in silos and don't share a central view of the customer. Join us for this session to learn how to evolve your digital banking experiences by breaking down silos and creating a culture of innovation.
Think Salesforce is only about managing your accounts and opportunities? Think again. Find out how you can now use the World's #1 Sales Platform to manage every customer touchpoint, from lead to loyalty. You will also learn how easy it is for your sales team to use artificial intelligence to sell smarter and hear from other customer Trailblazers who are taking advantage of huge opportunity around AI.
Salesforce Einstein is the first comprehensive AI platform for CRM, helping companies make their employees smarter and their customers happier. We'll explore exciting new Einstein-powered features and hear from innovative customers to learn how they're building AI-powered apps and creating intelligent experiences throughout their business.

Based on survey data from over 1,800 Salesforce customers, we've discovered three top Salesforce trends for 2018. Join this session to learn how leading companies use Salesforce as their greatest competitive advantage, along with key insights such as:

  • Why 77% of Salesforce customers are reinvesting in AI within the next 12 months
  • How 62% of organizations are making their analytics more actionable
  • Where AI will have the greatest business impact
Hear how manufacturers have leveraged Salesforce to develop deep relationships with their customers, channel partners, and employees - to drive growth for their businesses . Learn how to take your manufacturing organization to the next level with connected sales and intelligent service, empowering your sales organization to configure and sell complex products, making your partner, dealer, and distributor networks more effective than ever before, and delivering faster, smarter, more personalized service - from phone to field.
Customer expectations continue to rise. Customer service organizations must respond by empowering every employee with the skills and tools of the future, engaging customers across every channel, and elevating the role customer service plays in creating opportunity and driving growth. See the latest innovations, such as Lightning and Einstein for Service, and see how Trailblazers like KONE and Marriott are using the Service Cloud Platform to differentiate their brands.
The world's leading companies empower customers, partners, and employees to get answers, explore data, and take action on their own terms. Join us to hear how Trailblazers build smart, beautiful, and connected digital experiences with world's #1 CRM. Learn how to innovate the customer experience with Lightning + built in processes and deploy faster with Lightning Bolt Solutions for Industries. Get an inside look at the latest features, and see why the world's leading brands connect with over 200 million customers, partners and employees with Community Cloud.
Industries around the globe are moving faster than ever before. And no industry is being impacted more than the Public Sector.

Join Salesforce SVP, and former GSA CIO, Casey Coleman for a discussion with municipal & provincial Trailblazers focused on government digital transformation in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The conversation will focus on how the platform approach to reducing IT complexity, risk, and costs translates to new levels of service delivery and citizen experience.
Learn how Lightning, the future of Salesforce UX and customization, helps you take your productivity to the next level. Hear from the Lightning experts on what you need to do to plan for a rollout, and how to ensure you make your teams a huge success with Salesforce Lightning.
Join Salesforce Marketing Cloud to hear how trailblazers from Sierra Club,, and Fidelity use the #1 marketing platform to deliver personalized journeys that connect marketing to commerce, sales, and service, and win the hearts, minds, and loyalty of consumers. See the latest techniques for orchestrating data, mobile, social, and artificial intelligence to raise the bar on consumer engagement and grow your brand. Be inspired, gain insight and get ready for the age of intelligent marketing.
AppExchange is the Salesforce Store - the complete, one-stop shop for everything you need to extend Salesforce into every department and industry. Whether you have been using AppExchange for 10 years or haven't installed your first app, you won't want to miss this session. We'll unveil a new look and feel for the store, introduce new products that you can now find on the AppExchange, and show new ways to find the right solution to solve your business challenges easily and quickly.
If you've used Siri or Netflix, you've used Artificial Intelligence (AI). So how can you use the same seamless, time-saving elements to grow your business? Join us as we de-mystify AI, demonstrate how Einstein will make your data smarter, and highlight how customers are using it today to transform their business. We'll share tactical strategies on how to introduce intelligence across your company to drive efficiency and effectiveness. You'll walk away with actionable insights and tips to turn your company into a growth powerhouse.
Delivering on-site service has become more challenging as field service employees juggle complex logistics, rising customer expectations, and costs. To address these challenges and grow your business, you need customer service tools that empower your employees, especially as customers and products become increasingly connected. With Salesforce, you can connect your agents, dispatchers, mobile workers, and connected products on one powerful platform to deliver faster, smarter service from the call center to the field. Join us to learn how you can use Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning to get a complete view of your customers, intelligently schedule and dispatch work, and manage jobs in real-time on any device to increase first time fix rates, optimize resource productivity, and deliver a connected customer experience.
The fourth industrial revolution is transforming the way we live and work but it's also driving massive demand to deliver new applications and experiences. To keep up with the pace of change IT and business leaders are reimagining their partnership and building apps faster than ever before with visual development tools, open frameworks and managed services that empower everyone from business users and admins to professional developers. Join us to learn what top Salesforce customers are building on the Lightning Platform to go beyond CRM and transform all kinds of critical business processes into modern apps.
#AwesomeAdmins are at the heart of every successful Salesforce implementation. With the explosive growth in CRM and digital transformation, demand for Salesforce Admins is growing exponentially. Join us for an action-packed learning adventure that will help you blaze your trail to incredible success with Salesforce. See new features in action, learn practical tips from your peers, and leave with the insight and inspiration you need to be an Admin Trailblazer.
Every day Sales organizations manage dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of documents including contracts, sales proposals, customer presentations, and customer communications. Managing these documents while also trying to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience can be overwhelming. Join Conga's Will Spendlove, VP of Product Marketing as he discusses ways to modernize document and contract management processes. Learn: · What components are essential to efficient end-to-end contract and document management processes · How to build quotes, manage contracts and documents, collect signatures, and execute deals faster within Salesforce · Why using digital negotiation tools, automated routing, and eSignatures will cut negotiation time by up to 50%.
Take the guesswork out of channel management. Make channel sales fast and easy with Sales Cloud PRM, an out-of-the-box partner management solution built natively on the world's #1 Sales Platform. Learn how leading companies are blending CRM and PRM to intelligently deliver training, content, and leads in a beautifully branded and mobile-responsive experience with clicks, not code.
Whether you are an admin, developer or executive, the Lightning framework empowers you to easily create customizations for your teams. Join us as we show you 10 exclusive features only available in Lightning Experience.
How do you get to the future first? Becoming a customer-centric company to stay ahead of the market requires that businesses adapt to the pace of change faster by accelerating digitization and increasing organizational agility. Join this session to learn about the top trends of digital operating models and how you can make it happen for your business as you navigate the realities of digital innovation and transformation.
Join us for a live demo of Philanthropy Cloud, and help usher in a new era of giving. Philanthropy Cloud empowers your company and employees to find, connect, and engage with the causes they care about most, creating a culture of giving and purpose at your company.
Insurers are experiencing a shift in the expectations of their policyholders and agents. Digital disruptors outside of the insurance industry ? such as Uber, Google, Facebook ? have created user expectations of effortless omni-channel experiences. According to a study by Accenture, 75% of policyholders would switch insurers to get more personalized service. These evolving expectations, coupled with industry and demographic changes, create a unique opportunity for insurance companies to engage their policyholders on a deeper level. In this breakout session, discover how innovative insurers are embracing agility and engaging policyholders in whole new ways. Learn how you too can build digital roadmaps that will meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.
Creating reports and dashboards? Improving adoption? Assessing your org health? There's an Accelerator for that. In fact, we have nearly 200 Accelerators to address a wide range of business objectives. Hear how customers like you have taken advantage of these 1-on-1 working sessions to tackle their real-world business objectives.
Take your email program to new heights. In this session, our product experts will share tips, tricks, and best practices related to email marketing. We will share customer examples of engaging emails. Also, Email Studio product managers will provide a tour of the latest functionality that you should be utilizing today.
Complex products, multi-tiered pricing strategies, and new recurring business models leave most organizations drowning in spreadsheets, and scrambling to fix errors caused by inefficient manual processes or legacy quoting solutions. Join this session to learn about the key quoting challenges facing sales operations today and see how CPQ can solve them.
3 times a year we upgrade Salesforce, and each Release is chock-full of innovation. Learn how some of our biggest customers plan for, troubleshoot and deploy new features that make them smarter and more productive.
In today's selling environment, lean sales teams have to move quickly and efficiently. You've invested in Sales Cloud and now here's where it gets exciting. Join us to learn how you can gain back hours of productivity by streamlining the repetitive tasks you and your reps do every day. In this session, we'll share our three favorite tips to automate data entry, make it easier to communicate with customers and prospects, and easily build and utilize reports. You'll leave ready to empower your sales teams to crush their quotas and scale as your company grows.
The Salesforce platform is enabling businesses to adapt new ways of working and empowers them to connect to their customers in a whole new way. Because digital transformation isn't just about technology, companies should also rethink cultural norms, work environments, and behaviors. Join this session to learn how you can lead during disruptive changes, and re-align your company's culture to achieve digital success faster.
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Coming Soon!
Meeting customers where they are has become increasingly more important for companies. Nearly 50% of all service interactions are now digital, taking place across multiple channels including messaging, social, web, and in-app. Attend this session to learn how you can meet your customers' needs and deliver a complete and consistent service experience across every digital channel.
Unleashing the full power of Salesforce helps companies deliver more value to their customers, faster. To become more nimble, adopt technology, and increase productivity, organizations need to implement modern software development practices at the enterprise level. Join this session to learn how you can overcome the challenges, hurdles and roadblocks to delivering solutions at scale with speed and flexibility.
Every day people from around the world are visiting your organization. Whether they are a customer, prospect, or partner, they present opportunity and bring along a wealth of information about themselves. Visitor data belongs in your CRM. Fact. To truly create a holistic view, your organization must capture data at its physical touch points. Empower your sales, marketing, and support teams to grow closer business relationships by leveraging visitor data in marketing automation, targeted sales cycles, event management, and more. Visitor data enables your organization to better understand needs, solve problems, and identify opportunities.
Copado is a Salesforce Release Management Solution with Deployments from version control, continuous integration, automated testing and automated compliance audit. Everything you need to know about how to seamlessly track, test, merge and deliver quality changes within the Salesforce platform on time and budget.
Transforming the customer experience is a top priority for businesses today. Communicating ideas and knowledge across teams, co-creating a shared vision, and testing ideas more rapidly are critical to customer-centric innovation. Join this session to learn how you can embed design-thinking in your teams as you create new paths forward on the Salesforce platform.
Quip helps some of the most innovative companies – like Amazon, Diageo, and the Warranty Group – transform the speed of their businesses through collaboration. Join us to learn how Quip's mobile cloud documents eliminate endless email chains, calendars stuffed with meetings, and communication silos that slow your teams down. See how Quip can make your team happier, faster, and more productive.
The shopping activity of more than 500 million shoppers narrates the true story of retailing today. In this talk, we'll surface the data-driven trends that reveal the key battlegrounds on which you must compete and win today; the dominance of mobile, the personalization mandate, and the rise of collaboration. Join us to hear how these new pillars of retail must guide retail initiatives.
It doesn't matter how great your Salesforce solution is if users don't use it. Join us to learn adoption strategy best practices such as executive sponsorship, training, and motivation to positively impact the acceptance and usage of Salesforce in your organization.
Customer 360 view is a subject on everyone's lips but how does one define it, implement it and then action it through Salesforce? Come and sit in our presentation where Andrea Leger, Manager within our Deloitte Digital Salesforce practice in Montreal, accompanied one of the largest Canadian Airline carriers on their Digital Transformation. We will walk-through what their Digital Transformation 4 pillars were and detailing how this translated into one initiative to create a Customer 360 view in Salesforce.
Industries around the globe are moving faster than ever before. And no industry is being impacted more than the Public Sector. Join Salesforce SVP, and former GSA CIO, Casey Coleman for a discussion with municipal & provincial Trailblazers focused on government digital transformation in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The conversation will focus on how the platform approach to reducing IT complexity, risk, and costs translates to new levels of service delivery and citizen experience.
Are you ready for the switch to a new and modern user experience? Do you need strategic and technical guidance to help you get ready for all future developments on the platform that will happen within the new Lightning UI? Learn from our top Program Architects on how they've helped other Salesforce customers migrate to Lightning, overcome roadmap challenges and complexity, and drive business value, faster.
Come join us and hear from our customer on how DocuSign for Salesforce digitized their business process in Salesforce, increased usage and adoption of Salesforce, and reduced input errors. We promise a short, crisp session with plenty of access to experts for your questions.
The average length of Salesforce projects has greatly increased. This is a result of Forrester's claim that "Complexity of scale crushes Salesforce's responsiveness." Join us to learn how an innovative approach to Risk analysis and QA removes complexities and ensures Salesforce projects are delivered with speed and quality
Salesforce Intelligent Customer Platform runs on AWS in Canada. Hear how Salesforce users process and store data within Canada's borders and how the Salesforce and AWS partnership results in data residency compliance. During this session we will share how to extend your Salesforce applications with AWS data services in-region using AWS storage and data lakes that pipe into Salesforce CRM. Create sales, service, and marketing solutions with our combined services and innovate quickly, while achieving data residency with low latency. All services run on AWS? datacenters in Canada and AWS offers local presence and multi-language support.
Work smarter, not harder! Salesforce administrator professionals are known to use various techniques for achieving higher levels of productivity. Join us to hear top tips for being a rockstar administrator.
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See how the Spring '18 Release features help you deliver smart, beautiful and connected digital experiences. Join us to learn how to elevate your Community Platform with brand new features like Marketing Journeys, Dynamic Theming, Audience Targeting, and more!
Your technical setup of Pardot is complete and now you're ready to begin that marketing automation adventure of campaign building, creating leads, and driving conversions. Don't hit the trails alone! Join us to explore our Pardot Success Path and start your Pardot journey with your best foot forward. We'll walk through resources available, including Pardot Accelerators, to ensure you are on a path towards success.
Are you still tracking customer information in spreadsheets, email, or another tool you've outgrown? In this session, we'll talk about the newest way for growing businesses to get started on the world's #1 CRM, Salesforce Essentials, and how your teams can deliver a top-notch customer experience. Find out how to put customers at the center of your business so you can sell smarter, keep your customers happy, and grow faster than ever before. You'll leave ready to get started with CRM today, and if you're already a CRM pro, you'll be able to help other trialblazers get started!
Rootstock Software develops and implements cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that helps manufacturers and distributors deliver personalized customer experiences, build operations that scale and out-service their competition. You?ll earn how Rootstock Cloud ERP helps you take a more customer-centric view of operations to improve cycle times, operating margins and your customer's overall experience with your company while gaining complete visibility across CRM and ERP.
Lightning Experience helps your sales and service users work faster and smarter with innovative new features. But launching a new experience in a large organization can be intimidating, and takes thoughtful planning. Salesforce customers who have fully embraced Lightning Experience see increased win rates, increased lead volume, and a decrease in average close time for deals. Join this discussion to learn first-hand how you can enjoy these benefits by implementing a strategic organization-wide rollout plan.
IT decision makers are exploring platforms they can bet and build their business on. Often, they realize there is no single answer, instead, a continuum of platforms have emerged, and winners will be ones that are most inclusive and adaptive. Join us to learn how Heroku extends the Salesforce Platform by enabling developers to build custom apps, integrate Salesforce data and scale to millions of users.
With GDPR on the horizon many organization are wondering if they can effectively manage customer consent to track, email, contacts and more. Join us for an overview on how the Salesforce Platform can help you address Consent Management with a new Individual Object delivered in Spring '18. Advance your GDPR readiness across all your Salesforce Apps today.
AI is the next great technology disruption that is already transforming the way we live in our consumer lives. However, enterprises have been slower to develop effective and actionable AI strategies. In this session, we will explore this gap between expectations of AI and reality, and show how Salesforce Einstein can help you get started with AI today.
As technology continues to accelerate into the future, the gap between customer expectations and the ability for businesses to meet those expectations will continue to widen. Join this session to understand what the architecture of the future is going to look like, what impact it is going to have on your functional operations, and why it will be a requirement in order to meet the growing demand from ever more sophisticated customers.
How do you get to the future first, ahead of your customers, and be ready to greet them when they arrive? The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires both new technologies and new ways of working. Your people are paramount to your digital success. In this engaging session, you'll not only learn the new structures and digital operating models your business needs to excel in this highly competitive age, but also how to foster a high-performing culture to navigate the realities of digital transformation.

We’re looking for the next great startup built on the Salesforce Platform, and we’re bringing in an expert panel of judges, and host Leyla Seka, EVP of the Salesforce AppExchange, to help us do it.

Join us live at World Tour Toronto as three entrepreneurs pitch their companies onstage for an opportunity to win a $100,000 USD investment from Salesforce Ventures.

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