Cloud Computing Webinars and OnlineEvents on the Sales Cloud

Thousands of businesses around the world are developing, deploying and managing Salesforce CRM applications from the Sales Cloud platform. You can tune in our Salesforce Webinars and CRM events online to see how you can follow their successful real life example. Tap into the goldmine of best practices, tips, insights, processes, strategies and collective wisdom of the Salesforce online community without even having to leave your desk.

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Sales Cloud webinars will elucidate the cloud computing marketplace for your team, showcasing how Salesforce India's CRM SFA has pulled way ahead of traditional on-premise sales tools with superior integration and customisation.

Be a part of the conversation and join live webinars, or view archived, on-demand events at your convenience. In the cloud, your company has a front row seat to invaluable Salesforce community resources that are evergreen, relevant and conveniently mobile.


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CRM Events Online events are another great way to learn from other Salesforce enthusiasts, get your questions answered by experts, and connect with local peers.
CRM Editions CRM subscription-based editions cover the myriad of options available for complete, customisable CRM, with features to suit every size and budget.
CRM Training Expert training available for every role in your company will help your business build applications and keep the sales pipeline moving.
CRM Software Solutions Applications on the proven cloud platform will revolutionise your company's sales forecasting and analytics, IT services management and help desk.
Chatter Webinars Live Webinars, archived events and product demonstrations showcase how your enterprise can connect and share information securely with colleagues in real-time on the cloud-based Chatter platform.
Social Media Use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach and connect with today's customers and benefit from the features of the Salesforce Service Cloud.
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Sales Cloud Webinars’s Webinars give you an inside look at how the Sales Cloud and CRM benefit your business, all from the convenience of your computer. Participate in live Webinars, learn more from our archived events, or view product demonstrations. See below for the list of  Sales Cloud Webinars.

Sales Cloud

Best practices at Delivering Sales Productivity Get an inside look at how uses the Sales Cloud to increase sales rep productivity in everything from onboarding to deal support and analytics.
53:48 mins
Webinar Series: Strategies for Growing Your Business Part 1: How Cloud Computing Pays for Itself Forrester analyst Bill Band describes why businesses of all sizes are moving to the cloud. Learn why the cloud computing model is the right answer for right now.
26:40 mins
Webinar Series: Strategies for Growing Your Business Part 2: 3 Steps for Getting Started with Salesforce CRM Ever wonder how easy it is to get started wih Salesforce CRM? Join us to hear a customer describe how to get up and running quickly.
31:47 mins
Webinar Series: Strategies for Growing Your Business Part 3: How to Go Beyond CRM with Salesforce for Google Apps Discover how Salesforce for Google Apps can save you time and money with easy collaboration and productivity tools like Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar.
31:18 mins
Learn how insurance agencies leverage Salesforce Listen to industry experts as they share how insurance agents and brokers can increase productivity and gain deeper visibility into workflow 70130000000Fqj2 with Salesforce CRM.
58:46 mins