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Retail banks of all sizes have standardized on Salesforce to be more collaborative, lower costs, add flexibility, and maintain the ability to scale rapidly.

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Salesforce allows us to
innovate continuously, finding
new ways to bring exceptional
service to our customers.
Kannikar Chalitaporn
President, Siam Commercial Bank
Ally Huntington SCB Suntrust

Salesforce for Retail Banking

These are challenging times for retail banking. Banks need to analyze operations, refocus channels, and rethink old models to better support customers and adapt to a fast-changing market. Traditional client/server technology solutions impose huge cost, time, and resource barriers. But with cloud computing, there's no software to install or hardware to maintain, freeing up resources so employees can focus on their bank's mission.

Retail banks of all sizes—like Ally Bank and Santander Consumer USA—have standardized on Salesforce to be more collaborative, lower costs, add flexibility, and maintain the ability to scale rapidly.

Create a culture of collaboration

Retail operations are spread across product lines, branches, call centers, and back-office locations, making collaboration incredibly difficult. Meanwhile, customers expect a seamless experience, regardless of channel. That's why so many banks trust's enterprise-class platform to:

  • Push the right information to employees and let them share information securely
  • Allow employees to follow documents, client records, and external banking systems
  • Let everyone work in real time from any browser or mobile device

Salesforce breaks down hierarchies so you have complete visibility and collaboration happens across your business, among everyone from tellers to private banking to service operations.


With Salesforce, you can transform tellers from being a cost center to driving leads and referrals from any channel—the call center, customer portals, or even ATMs and kiosks. Tellers have easy access to interaction history across all channels, plus everyone can see which marketing campaigns and offers are working.

Lending operations

From the instant a prospect submits a request for information on lending products, Salesforce routes it to the right agent based on territory or skill for immediate follow up. Qualify your borrowers early and streamline your lending process by making collaboration between loan specialists and loan officers easier than ever.

Investments, insurance, and private banking

Salesforce provides a complete view of customers' profiles, households, interactions, campaigns, financial accounts, and more, making it truly easy to segment clients for relationship banking services like investments, insurance, and private banking.

Service operations

Salesforce supports all your service operations: enterprise case management, call centers, customer portals, websites, and integration with social media channels. A knowledge base provides answers to your agents and your customers through all your channels, increasing deflection rates and reducing time spent per case, keeping your customers happy and loyal.

Custom application platform

Need an app? The cloud platform makes it easy to develop custom applications. With, you can create what you need to manage all channels, from branch real estate, to governance, risk, and compliance. It's already trusted by 100,000+ companies.

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