Diversity at Salesforce

At Salesforce, we believe diversity and inclusion at all levels is critical to our business. A diverse workforce gives us the unique perspectives we need to build the most innovative products and engage effectively with customers and partners.

By gender (global)

Organization Men Women
Overall Company 70% 30%
Tech 77% 23%
Non-Tech 68% 32%
Leadership 81% 19%

By ethnicity (US only)

White 67%
Asian & Indian 23%
Hispanic 4%
Black 2%
Two or more 2%
Other/Not disclosed 3%

It's also vital to strengthening our company, delivering customer success, giving back to our communities, winning as a team, and attracting and retaining top talent. We are working to increase diversity at Salesforce across three fronts:


Equal Pay

Continuously assess and aim for pay equity across the entire organization

Equal Advancement

Increase access to advancement opportunities for all

Equal Opportunity

Build a more diverse pipeline and recruit a more diverse workforce

You can read more about these initiatives, including progress and results to date in our latest blog post on this topic.

We are on the path to increasing diversity at Salesforce and recognize that we have a long way to go. That journey starts with transparency, so we want to be open in sharing our diversity statistics. Our numbers are updated annually and always available right here.

Cindy Robbins
EVP, Global Employee Success

*Updated August 2015

To see how diversity comes to life at Salesforce, check out our Employee Resource Groups.

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