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"We’re connecting customers to GE Capital — and to each other — quickly, efficiently, and socially."

—Sigal Zarmi
CIO, Americas

An innovator in financial services transforms into a leader in software technology

Nothing succeeds like success. So when an innovator and respected leader in financial services takes a bold step towards the software technology sector, people notice. With more than 300,000 mid-market customers, GE Capital is becoming a software company by building their own apps and leveraging cloud technology to better connect with customers in whole new ways. And Salesforce is at the heart of the transformation — in fact, right in the middle of GE Capital’s IT ecosystem.

“We’re witnessing a pivotal shift in customers’ expectations,” says Sigal Zarmi, CIO of GE Capital, Americas. “Today’s customer can interact with a business, research an offering, or read reviews of a company at any time — and they’ve grown to expect real-time customized engagement from the people they do business with.”

The common perception of a commercial lending company might be one that’s steeped in tradition — typically slower moving, and more deliberate. Conversely, technology seems to move at supersonic speed. Teamed with Salesforce, GE Capital is quickly meeting the technological challenges head on. For example, by leveraging Salesforce’s technology, employees can access cross-business profiles of each individual customer.

And Marketing Cloud enables GE Capital to send targeted, relevant communications like transactional emails and newsletters to help keep each customer informed and optimize their accounts. This high level of expertise and industry leadership empowers customer to make smarter banking decisions, and to grow and innovate with GE Capital as a valued partner.

GE Capital's social community builds stronger client relationships

"What we know can help you grow." GE Capital is proud of their rich heritage of bringing 130 years of experience to support growth on a global level. Today, the company is embracing new social technologies to further their mission to provide financing and expertise to help their customers' capital go farther.

As GE Capital transforms into a socially connected enterprise, the company is experiencing new kinds of growth — like stronger and deeper connections to their customers and greater employee engagement and collaboration.

In the new, more social world of business, GE Capital quickly realized the importance of building connections with their customer community. "The power of social in the B2B space is that you can really connect with your customers and bring them value in ways that everyday interactions don't typically allow," explains Zarmi.

The value of these technologies is boosting collaboration among the company's employees as well. The commercial sales team of 3,100+ employees is connecting on Chatter to share sales strategies, find internal experts, and uncover cross-sell opportunities.

GE Capital
GE Capital