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Journey Builder

Journey Builder empowers you to guide customers on 1:1 journeys across channels and devices to ensure you always deliver the right message, at the right time, via the right channel.

Journey Builder
  • Create personalized customer-focused experiences at scale.
  • Map the customer journey and prioritize every step of your strategy.
  • Spark conversations with customers based on real-time interactions.
  • Test multiple variations of content, channel, timing, and frequency.
  • Automatically monitor and respond to customers.
  • Connect your apps, products, and spaces to customer journeys.
  • Leverage data from any source.

Email Marketing

Email is the engine that drives online commerce and is the foundation for building 1:1 relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. Marketing Cloud offers hundreds of features to help you execute any possible use case, whether you need basic email marketing tools or sophisticated cross-channel campaign functionality — we have it all.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
  • Use step-by-step campaign guides to configure any possible use case.
  • Create 1:1 experiences with dynamic content, JavaScript, and AMPscript.
  • Utilize mobile-optimized email templates.
  • Automate sending, reporting, and more.
  • Utilize drag-and-drop audience segmentation tools.
  • Run A/B tests.
  • Analyze comprehensive campaign performance at a glance.
  • Monitor deliverability performance.
  • Collaborate across teams with approval workflow processes.

Mobile Marketing

Every company should approach marketing with a mobile-first mindset — and Marketing Cloud is leading the way. With 1:1 personalized messages, our mobile solutions put you in touch with customers’ ever-changing context, from smartphone to tablet to laptop.

  • Engage in two-way mobile communications that include pictures, videos, and audio with MMS.
  • Track and send mobile messages across campaigns.
  • Drive app engagement with push messaging.
  • Track when a customer opens your app, how much time they spend interacting, and details about their location.
  • Create and automate custom solutions with mobile APIs.
  • Utilize automated geo-targeting.
  • Automate mobile app activities, such as refreshing a list or triggering a send.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a lot more than just a post on a fan page. Our features can help you expand your capabilities, move the customer journey forward, and take your brand's social presence to new heights.

  • Get social insights such as sentiment, demographics, intent, and more.
  • Modify and analyze social data to enhance the value of your own applications and services.
  • Target social posts using demographic data.
  • Preview social content before it goes live.
  • Use pre-built templates and themes, or build your own custom templates.
  • Build forms to capture email or mobile subscriber data.

Web Personalization

Collect real-time data around customer preferences and purchase habits, then act on that data to increase conversions and ROI — all while building brand loyalty and moving the customer journey forward.

  • Collect explicit and implicit behavioral data.
  • Gain a single view of the customer.
  • Leverage customer data and personalized content from a single platform.
  • Recommend products.
  • Trigger messages based on real-time behavior.
  • View page views, click-through rates, and more with comprehensive tracking.
  • Create smart content with pre-built and custom layouts.


The platform of choice for agencies and advertisers, helps you create highly effective social advertising campaigns that drive real business results from your ad spend.

  • Advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Test the effectiveness of social campaigns.
  • Target your audience with ease.
  • Power social ads with real-time customer data.
  • Build and define your own automation rules.

Predictive Intelligence

Whether you're looking to collect behavioral data and infer preferences, predict the next best content, or deliver personalized messages across channels and devices, we've got the tools to achieve your marketing goals and boost ROI.

  • Create guided selling experiences.
  • Predict and automate marketing decisions based on customer data.
  • Send behavior-based emails.
  • Collect implicit and explicit customer data.

Content and Messaging

Marketing Cloud provides a single location for all your cross-channel content, enabling your brand to speak with one voice across all your digital channels, for a consistent experience throughout the 1:1 customer journey.

  • Upload files with drag-and-drop tools.
  • Assign content expiration dates.
  • Utilize customer preferences to present relevant content.
  • Generate custom offers for individuals or segments.
  • Edit assets and preview content without leaving the application.
  • Use search and filter tools to quickly locate marketing content.

Customer Data Platform

Make the most of all your customer data with our innovative suite of data management solutions — including Audience Builder and Contact Builder — and track and report on that data with Discover, our premium data and analytics tool.

  • Build a single, 360-degree view of each customer.
  • View, analyze, filter, and segment data in real time.
  • Spot trends and opportunities faster, and target audiences more precisely.
  • Manage complex data with ease.
  • Tap into complex data sets and create new models to drive better business outcomes.
  • Gain new insights to identify and drive strategic goals.

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