Shape your brand with
social media marketing

Understanding the health of your brand is easier than ever with Marketing Cloud. Monitor public perception of your company and products on the social Web and understand the volume, overall sentiment, key demographics, influencers, and more. Look for trends, adjust your plans, and engage where you can make a difference.


Listen to and measure social conversations

Know how your brand is perceived by the people and entities that matter, and build a community of advocates that can influence public sentiment about your company and products.

Gain social market intelligence

Get a deeper understanding of what’s important in your industry and to your buyers. Stay ahead of emerging trends and get meaningful intelligence to guide decision making and stay ahead of the competition.

Measure social campaign effectiveness

Understand the “why” behind your social traffic, such as in-depth sentiment, demographics, likes and dislikes, and more. Adapt content and messaging based on campaign buzz and analytics.