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Product accessibility and inclusive design.

We strive to create products and features that adapt to the changing abilities of everyone navigating the world — products that truly work for everyone.  

This means we not only focus on ensuring that users with permanent disabilities are able to use our products, but that we also consider momentary or situational disabilities people could encounter in the different environments where they might use our technology.

Creating better products — for all.

Our accessibility efforts build trust through creating legally compliant products that meet predefined technical standards like WCAG standards and Section 508. But they go beyond legal requirements alone, also enabling customer success by creating products that fit more user needs and benefit everyone. 

One of the ways we build better, more usable products is through inclusive design. 

We aspire to drive innovation by including individuals with disabilities throughout the development process, highlighting voices that are often excluded in traditional design processes. People with disabilities — lifelong problem solvers — help us understand the different ways people experience our products, increase adoption, and uncover technology solutions that meet all user needs. 

We believe that inclusion generates product excellence, every time. That’s why we work to design for difference, infusing equity into our products and services from the ground up. We aspire to use inclusive product design as an element in our toolkit to break the cycle of exclusion, creating products, services, and experiences that users of all capabilities can access. 

Learn about our inclusive design and product accessibility efforts on Trailhead.

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Accessibility allows us to tap into everyone's potential."

Debra Ruh
Global Disability Inclusion Strategist, Salesforce

Build with accessibility in mind.

When it comes to developing products that are accessible to all, there are a few accessible design principles to keep in mind. The specifics vary based on what it is you’re trying to build, but it mostly boils down to asking:  

Who might we be excluding?

How can we best ensure that we build in accessibility from the beginning? 

Any time we create a solution as a company, we invite the disability community to play an active role. The community’s input helps us create products that allow people with disabilities to fully engage.

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Access developer documentation.

Find resources to learn how to develop with a diverse audience in mind.

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Accessible technology means including everyone.

Donielle Berg, Lead Accessibility Engineer, shares why approaching technology with more empathy leads to better user experiences for all.

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Compliance and legal.

In the spirit of transparency, we’ve collected our accessibility conformance reports in one spot where anyone can review them. We’ve also aggregated all known accessibility issues, which we’re actively working to resolve so we can further our mission of bringing accessibility to all.

Leaders in product accessibility.

Get to know the faces behind our product accessibility efforts. These individuals lead the charge in designing for difference — and creating inclusive products that are accessible to all.