Empowering people with disabilities to succeed.

Disability inclusion and accessibility are fundamental to our belief that businesses can be powerful platforms for social change. 

As allies and members of the community ourselves, we drive awareness and thought leadership within our company and throughout the industry. 

Within the Salesforce ecosystem, we make sure product teams’ “definition of done” includes — at a minimum — compliance with industry-standard WCAG 2.1 AA. We strive to create an inclusive success-from-anywhere workplace for people with disabilities through a world-class accommodations program, accessible systems and tools, and empowered leaders who champion and advance accessibility within their teams. 

To help close the employment gap for people with disabilities, we actively recruit for jobs at Salesforce and offer robust workforce development opportunities. We also operate an accessibility support desk that works with customers to build accessible Salesforce environments. These efforts reflect our commitment to working toward a world that is inclusive and accessible for all.


We are our own greatest asset in making the changes needed for a more accessible workplace and world, empowering people with disabilities to gain meaningful employment and to feel the sense of belonging we all strive for. It starts in our own house, working to become the employer of choice for people with disabilities and attracting and retaining the best talent the world has to offer, in which accessibility plays a critical role.”

Catherine Nichols, VP, Office of Accessibility
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