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Jesse Twum-Boafo acquired skills and built a career in global consulting with the help of Trailhead.
Mariel Espinal discovered Salesforce during an internship and has built a successful career as a Salesforce admin.
Shakil Kamran learned his way to a Salesforce consultant role through PepUp Tech and Trailhead.

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Salesforce Administrator

Solve business problems by customizing the Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce Developer

Build applications and deliver innovative customer experiences.

Salesforce Consultant

Create a plan outlining the right Salesforce solutions for clients.

Salesforce Architect

Design, build, and deliver solutions businesses need in order to thrive.

Salesforce Designer

Create intuitive experiences that help end users achieve success.

Business Analyst

Collaborate with business leaders to understand needs and values.

Cybersecurity Expert

Identify security threats and find ways to mitigate cyber risk.

Marketing Professional

Build brand awareness, analyze market trends, and generate leads.

Sales Professional

Generate revenue by delivering high-value products and services.

Service Professional

Provide great customer experiences and drive customer retention.

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