Welcome Alumni.

Welcome to our little Salesforce family reunion. We’ve missed you but are so happy you are here now! To help keep you up-to-date with our Alumni Community, we have created this one-stop-shop with the latest and greatest for all things Alumni. This includes Alumni Spotlights, Boomerang Spotlights, our latest newsletter and a ton of other great resources. No matter where you live or work, you remain an important part of the Salesforce Family. We look forward to staying connected with you and helping you connect with one another.

What's new?

Salesforce is putting so much focus on people — our employees, customers, communities, and you, our alumni. As Alumni, you’ll receive a quarterly newsletter keeping you up to date on the latest happenings at Salesforce and in our Alumni Community. Want to see the most recent one?

Boomerang spotlight.

This month’s Boomerang Spotlight features Rajesh Undaviya. Rajesh has a very unique story and is one of a few at the company that is a double Boomerang. Read about how his road back to Salesforce (twice)! Rajesh first came to Salesforce in 2009 as one of the first Enterprise Account Executives in India...

Alumni spotlight.

This month’s #SalesforceAlumni Spotlight features Dan Darcy. Read about his 13 year stay at Salesforce and hear what he is doing on his new adventure. Dan Darcy came to Salesforce in 2008, just nine years after the company was founded...

Stay connected.

One main goal of the Salesforce Alumni Network is to not only help you stay engaged with us here at Salesforce, but to also stay engaged with each other! To help you do that we have created a Salesforce Alumni group on LinkedIn. Don’t have a Linkedin? Send us an email to alumni@salesforce.com!

Interested in coming back to Salesforce as a Boomerang?

What is a Boomerang? Boomerangs are employees who left Salesforce in the past and decided to come back and continue to blaze trails within the company. We couldn't be happier to have them back with us! Check out these amazing new opportunities!

Refer back to give back.

Do you know someone who's a great fit for Salesforce? Refer them! If they're hired, we'll donate $500 in your name to your choice of one of our five pre-selected nonprofits.

Interested in returning to Salesforce?


Catch up on events.

Check out some of our latest series featuring Salesforce executives like Sarah Franklin, Ebony Beckwith, and Monica Langley.

Be a trailblazer.

/treyl-bley-zer/ noun:


1. a pioneer; an innovator; a lifelong learner; a mover and shaker.

2. a leader who leaves a path for others to follow.

3. most importantly, a person who builds a better world for others.

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