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Ethical Use Policy

Creating safeguards for the ethical use of technology.

At Salesforce, we build ethics and inclusion into our products and take responsibility for understanding their real-world impacts. This foundational approach allows us to create ethical use policies that reinforce our commitment to building trust with our customers and users. Our updated Generative AI policies, aligned with industry standards and our partners, are designed to protect our customers. These updates enable customers to use Salesforce products confidently, knowing they and their end users are benefiting from a truly ethical AI experience from development to deployment. Many of these policies are outlined in Salesforce’s Acceptable Use Policyopens in a new window and AI Acceptable Use Policyopens in a new window.

Policy work guided by principles.

At Salesforce, we are guided by our five core values: trust, customer success, innovation, equality, and sustainability. Building on these values, we have established five additional Ethical and Humane Use Guiding Principles that underpin our ethical use policies and responsible AI and technology initiatives.

Ethical and Humane Use Guiding Principles.

We work to ensure the direct use of our technologies upholds equal and inalienable protections for all individuals.

We advance privacy best practices in our product design, empowering customers to protect individuals’ data.

We aim to protect people from direct harm from the use of our technology.

We ensure that our models and features respect data provenance and are grounded in your data whenever possible. We must also be transparent that an AI has created content when it is autonomously delivered.

We promote equal access to technology, creating opportunities for all.

Introducing our ethical use process.

Our ethical use policies are guided by a diverse field of stakeholders, including our Ethical Use Advisory Council. Our decision-making framework is built on rigorous research and active engagement with various internal and external stakeholders.

For each issue, we carefully consider the direct product use case, its potential connection to harm, alignment with our guiding principles, effectiveness of proposed actions, and the current geopolitical landscape.

We recognize the importance of collaboration in this crucial work. That's why we actively listen to our employees, partners, customers, impacted communities, and experts. This ensures our policies are informed by multiple perspectives, humane principles, and Salesforce’s core values.