An Inside Look at Radish, Chicago's Newest Innovator; Delivery food is usually disappointing ' lukewarm, mushy and not worth the wait. That's because the food was prepared with the intention of being served immediately in a restaurant, not packed in a plastic container, stuffed in a hot box and eaten an hour later.; What might happen if a dining experience was designed specifically for delivery?

To answer that question, the FxD team took a trip to Radish, Chicago's newest on-demand meal delivery service. Their operation isn't running out of a swanky downtown storefront, but instead is housed in a West Loop warehouse behind an unmarked door. Radish's process is optimized for delivery, not immediate serving, and their space reflects this model.

Every day, chef David Yusefzadeh, former executive chef of Mario Batali's Baffo Ristorantenoteca, prepares a variety of entrees and appetizers using local, sustainable ingredients. His deep culinary knowledge and skillset enables him to intentionally craft dishes that both stay fresh through delivery and provide unique flavors to customers.

Calorie counts are calculated and photos of each dish are taken and uploaded to Radish's website. At 5pm, the food is packed into hot boxes and coolers within their fleet of delivery vehicles throughout Chicago. Between 6 and 9 pm, people can order via the Radish app, and the closest driver will deliver the meal in less than 20 minutes.
After learning more about the backend operations, we wanted to experience Radish for ourselves. Upon opening the Radish app, we were immediately drawn in by beautiful images, clean design, and full complete nutritional information. Exactly 6 minutes after ordering, a driver arrived with a smile on his face and a Radish bag in hand.

We sampled the pomegranate and walnut braised chicken, spicy black pepper shrimp, and black lentil and coconut salad. Each dish delighted us with it's freshness and flavor.

Typically, the good part of food delivery doesn't start until the food arrives, and even then it can be a toss up; but with Radish the entire experience feels well-considered, from browsing the menu all the way through to the last bite of food.

We love Radish because they exemplify what FxD is all about ' culinary excellence at the center of an engaging, meaningful experience. The Radish team has considered all aspects of the delivery experience from ingredients and menu planning to ordering and delivery logistics.

The result is healthier, faster and more delicious than traditional food delivery. We are excited about our new friends at Radish and to team up in the near future' stay tuned!

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