Chapter 3

What should I look for in a CRM solution?


Today’s customers are fast-moving, well-informed, and impatient. And with more information — and more options — at their fingertips, they’re going to be even tougher to please tomorrow. You may be asking yourself “What CRM should I use?” and “How do I keep up?” You’ll need a CRM system built to create relationships that last. To be successful, choose a solution with these features: 

  • Automation: Repetitive tasks are the enemy of growing businesses. Automation saves your teams from manual processes and improves productivity. Use the time saved to make personal connections with customers.

  • Collaboration: To create a great customer experience, everyone who interacts with customers should work together from the same up-to-date information. Sharing data helps your team work more efficiently and provide the kind of experiences today’s customers expect.