CPQ Software

The Benefits of CPQ Software for Your Business

When clients are ready to move forward, the last thing you want are inefficient processes holding them back. Slow moving pipelines drain your resources and waste your and your customers’ time. That said, rushing customers through the sales process before they are ready leads to unhappy clients and a damaged brand reputation. In order to move business forward at the right speed, you need to optimize the various steps of your sales process, and that includes the final step: the contract.; Before a sale can be concluded, your client needs to be willing to sign a contract, and that means that it’s up to your business to provide them with accurate sales quotes. This is easier said than done. Customers need timely sales quotes free of any errors, and they want quotes that are personalized to their own unique situation. In fact, 66% of consumers say they would be likely to switch brands if they are treated like a number instead of an individual, which means that just showing them a copy of the pricing sheet is probably not a great idea. To effectively address this issue, your business needs configure price quote (CPQ) software.

What is CPQ software?

Configure price quote software (or CPQ software) is a sales tool or suite of tools designed to help organizations create accurate, personalized, targeted sales quotes. It accomplishes this by bringing together all of the available pricing and customer data in the form of a centralized platform accessible in real time. Salespersons can, at the click of a button, create and share sales quotes that are not only detailed and precise, but also tailored to the needs of the client.

How can CPQ software benefit your business?

CPQ software takes everything that your sales teams need to finalize their contracts, and places it directly at their fingertips. Here are five key advantages to implementing an effective CPQ solution for your company:

  • Streamlined contract process
    Your sales teams work hard to help leads reach the end of the sales pipeline. Having them fall away as a result of a slow moving sales quote process is nothing short of tragic. Configure price quote software streamlines the process, by ensuring that all vital data is ready and up to date as soon as you need it. When it comes to quoting an accurate price via CPQ, you’ll never have to use the phrase “Let me get back to you.”
  • Improved Accuracy
    You’re human, and humans make mistakes. Your business, on the other hand, is not human. And while your customers might be willing to forgive a minor error on your part, they won’t be so quick to overlook pricing errors made by your organization. A survey conducted by Ovum found that 76% of consumers stop doing business with a brand after only one bad customer experience. CPQ takes human error out of the equation, delivering accurate, dependable quotes every time.

Salesforce CPQ can optimize your quote process.

Finding a CPQ solution that can streamline your sales process and improve your customer relations means relying on a provider that understands businesses and clients.

Salesforce CPQ takes advantage of the industry’s number-one CRM software, and uses it as a foundation to deliver unparalleled CPQ advantages. With Salesforce, you can go beyond standard configure price quote solutions. Automate quotes and invoices, collect payments, manage subscriptions, view and adjust terms, and generate reports all from a single tool. Additionally, Salesforce CPQ is completely cloud based and 100% mobile compatible. Salesforce CPQ is completely cloud based and 100% mobile compatible. All you need is a connected device and you're on your way to optimizing your sales process, closing deals faster, and maximizing your sales.

Get on the fast track, with Salesforce CPQ.

Nothing should hold you and your clients back. Salesforce CPQ gives you full control over the sales process, allowing you to keep the wheels of your business turning. After all, you and your customers have the same goal: to reach a deal that benefits everyone. Don’t let slow sales quote processes stand in the way. Put you and your clients on the fast track to success, with Salesforce CPQ.