Get more done with Einstein AI, your smart CRM assistant. Make decisions faster, make employees more productive, and make customers happier using AI-powered predictions and recommendations.
Discover the cause of unexpected business outcomes with Einstein. Dig through your data whether it resides inside Salesforce or outside in third-party systems.
Learn which channels, messages, and content resonate with your customers by automatically analyzing the interactions they have with your business across all touchpoints.
Give every employee instant access to smart insights within Salesforce records and apps by enhancing them with AI-powered analytics.


Increase in case resolution within 24 hours


With Salesforce, we’ve completely transformed our agent and customer experience.”

Kachina Miller, Senior Manager, Support Process Design
Predict which sales leads and opportunities will convert, which articles and replies will help resolve service cases, and how marketing emails will perform before you hit send.
Use historical browsing and purchase data to predict which channels, content, products, messaging — and even send times — your customers will most likely respond to.
Easily create custom models to predict churn risk, likelihood to convert, delayed payments, lifetime value, and more — all with clicks, not code.


Lead conversion increase with top tier leads


Einstein surfaces the best leads to our loan officers, which has a direct impact on our conversions.”

Spencer Dunsmoor, Branch Manager
Increase efficiency with AI-powered advice displayed right where your employees work — give suggestions for cross- or upsell, make recommendations to decrease attrition, and more.
Prominently display timely, relevant assistance to customers. Instantly connect them with the right information or product, or tailor offers based on their intents, interests, or past behaviors.
Embed simple, repeatable next steps anywhere within Salesforce by combining your AI predictions — inside Salesforce or created externally — with your business rules.


Increase in conversion rates


Personalization is king these days – we really trust Salesforce.”

Adam Smart, Senior Web Merchant
Automatically capture and log critical customer data – including contact info, email threads, calendar events, social data, and more – right into the associated Salesforce records.
Resolve issues with less agent intervention. Deliver the on-demand support customers want using AI chatbots with Einstein’s natural language processing and your Salesforce data.
Keep your business moving forward by deploying AI-powered business processes and workflows based on Einstein predictions and recommendations.


More data entered with nearly no effort


We get more out of our investment with Salesforce by leveraging Einstein.”

Lee Dotson, Chief Marketing Officer