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Macy’s moves its mission-critical commerce app to Heroku.


Macy’s App

America's largest department store turns to Heroku to support its growing digital presence, allowing it to scale and consistently deliver a five-star customer experience.


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Macy’s achieves faster innovation and better customer experience with Heroku.


The Business Challenge

As the highly competitive retail space moved online, Macy's continuously looked to innovate its digital experiences, with the and mobile ecommerce channels as key components of its omni-channel strategy. Macy's needed a platform that could keep up with the shifts in fashion seasons, changes in customer preferences, and launches of marketing promotions. Scalability and performance were also essential to reliably handle large seasonal traffic spikes.

The App Solution

To deliver a great customer experience, Macy's moved its primary mobile e-commerce websites onto Heroku. The platform's one-click scalability as well as the rapid time to market and business agility it enables are essential to Macy's online business, which fluctuates seasonally. The mobile app complements the Macy's online website and brick-and-mortar stores, giving customers a genuine Macy's buying experience from their phones or digital devices.

Heroku gives us a powerful, flexible platform that enables us to test, learn, and proceed aggressively with new mobile ideas that excite our customers, making shopping more convenient and fun.”


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