7 Steps to Get Started with Omni-Channel Marketing


Omni-channel and multichannel marketing are two similar terms, often used interchangeably. Most of the time, their subtle differences don’t warrant clarification. However, where many companies are doing well in their efforts to enable multichannel marketing, the ability to do omni-channel marketing well is still difficult.

Multi-channel means each channel used in marketing campaigns has its own reporting structure and revenue goals. These channels may include physical locations, phone campaigns, online marketing, mobile marketing, and others. Omni-channel, however, puts the customer at the center and focuses on how all the channels work together to enable a conversion.

To make omni-channel marketing work, you need technology. With the right tools, you can put your data to work, reach your customers at the right time, and help them convert. Learn more about omni-channel marketing and how it works in the infographic below.


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            7 Steps to Get Started with Omni-Channel Marketing
        Infographic by <a href="https://www.salesforce.com/">Salesforce</a>

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