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Experience analytics made for marketers. With Intelligence Reports for Engagement, you can analyze, visualize, and report on email, mobile, and journey data — all within Marketing Cloud Engagement.

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Learn how fast, flexible, and easy-to-use analytics can help you build the best messaging experience for your customers.

Improve your performance

Analyze and report on all your messaging with Intelligence Reports for Engagement


All your email, mobile, and journey data — all in one place.

Measure campaign performance with pre-built dashboards for email, mobile, and journey data — ready on day one.

Share success by your standards.

Share the KPIs that matter most — with the people that matter most — with regularly scheduled or one-off reports.

Sort your data any way you like.

Organize, summarize, and group large volumes of data across any metric with pivot tables.

No set-up, no problem.

Forget the setup stress. Intelligence Reports for Engagement is available immediately for use — no custom setup required.

Deepen your analytics

Understand marketing data on a whole different level with Intelligence Reports for Engagement Advanced.


View your data in any way.

Make sense of your data in ways that make sense to you. Design, edit, and create custom dashboards to see your data according to your business needs.

Draw out your data's deepest insights.

Query and export granular data to find the best insights for building personalized messages and journeys.

Shape your data to your preference.

Unique messaging use cases need a unique understanding. Customize the dimensions and measurements of your data to solve for specific business use cases.

Discover marketing insights across channels.

Connect, visualize, and analyze key data sources more quickly and easily, all with ready-made apps built by Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

Unlock cross-channel insights

Discover cross-channel marketing insights with ready-made apps in Intelligence Reports for Engagement Advanced.


Drive greater conversion rates from email to web.

With our Email to Web Conversion app, connect your email and Google Analytics web data for a deeper understanding of customer behavior across email and your website.

Connect marketing spend to sales wins.

With the Marketing Insights for Sales Cloud app, see the relationship between marketing and sales on full display by bringing Sales Cloud data alongside marketing spend.

Ensure your ads are reaching the right people.

With our Audience Insights for Marketing Cloud Advertising app, see how your first-party audience activations are performing — wherever your ads are running.

Optimize success across every paid campaign.

With the Cross-channel Marketing Insights app, unify your paid marketing data across every major channel for deeper insights on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and Pinterest.

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