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Connect, analyze, and take action on all your data in one marketing dashboard to drive ROI, speed, and growth across your business.

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Learn how marketing intelligence drives your total marketing reporting, measurement, and optimization.

Empower Every Role

See growth and results from every investment, activity, and goal.


Empower B2C marketers with smarter insights.

Drive ROI and growth with cross-channel analytics and insights across all of your email, social, advertising, web, and sales platforms.

Give B2B marketers deeper analytics across channels.

Optimize leads, conversion, and pipeline growth with unified reporting and insights across your advertising, events, email, social, website, and CRM.

Help agencies improve efficiency and scalability.

Replace manual reporting and augment analytics processes across your clients to drive growth. Gain agility to deliver scalable and customized solutions with rapid time to value and maximize ROI.

Equip publishers with automated reporting tools.

Optimize the value of your content and audiences across direct and programmatic channels, sites, and devices — with built-in reporting and insights for your clients and teams.

Customer Success Story

See how Ticketmaster drives revenue growth with Datorama.


Centralize Your Data

Create your single source of truth for marketing with ease.


Integrate your data with the world’s biggest API library.

Use the biggest marketing-focused API library to integrate your data from the most popular social, search, display, video, programmatic, web analytics, CRM, and email platforms.

Connect any data with AI.

With 7,000+ marketing tools in the market, get the flexibility to connect any data source instantly. Intelligently identify and integrate any dataset with specialized AI.

Unify your data across channels.

Automatically map all your fields and measurements into a consistent taxonomy with dynamic data modeling — so you can focus on insights instead of data prep.

Use clicks, not code for marketers.

AI, automation, and marketing expertise put you in control to connect all your marketing data — regardless of where the data lives, what format it’s in, or how much it changes over time.
Hear from 1,050+ global marketers on how they are leading with their data, from analytics, to integration, and more.

Visualize AI Insights

Get deeper insights more quickly from your data.


Surface AI insights quickly.

Capitalize on what’s working and course-correct what’s not across all your campaigns. Take action on day-by-day recommendations to keep your KPIs performing on track.

Turn data into visual explanations.

Automate visual guides and natural language descriptions to understand each insight’s meaning — so you and your team can take action.

Spend less time analyzing and more time acting.

Use automated regression modeling and statistical analysis methods to turn hours or days of analysis into minutes. Then, optimize the path forward.


Datorama 101: Create Your Marketing Single Source of Truth


Report Across Channels

Tie revenue to marketing with automated reporting.


Create marketing dashboards with ease.

Visualize the right in-depth KPIs, performance trends, campaign analysis, and segment drill-downs for platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, Adwords, and thousands more.

Put the right information at everyone’s fingertips.

Deliver a 24/7 interactive marketing reporting experience to monitor and improve every investment, performance, and goal across your teams, campaigns, and channels.

Empower every decision maker.

Customize your dashboards and reports for each stakeholder, including your CMO and teams across email, social, advertising, and more — so your teams and partners make smarter decisions.

Forrester Report

See the economic benefits of using Datorama.


Collaborate With Speed

Activate your data and align your teams to optimize campaign ROI in the moment.


Enjoy cross-platform activation.

Drive ROI with real-time actions to pause underperforming campaigns and change budgets across Google, Facebook, and any other tools in your stack.

Collaborate in real time.

Connect your chat platform into your dashboards to enable teams and partners to collaborate on analysis, insights, and decision-making.

Stay on track with smart goals and alerts.

Put every performance in context by measuring your progress against goals. Enjoy automated predictions on goal completion, and get recommendations on how to achieve the best results.

Share via email, mobile, and more.

Easily share your dashboards, insights, and reports as a secure link, PDF, or presentation deck. Send instantly, or set up scheduled delivery via email or mobile.

Embrace data and analytics to answer marketing’s five biggest questions.

Discover a data-driven approach to marketing performance optimization.


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