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Reach customers on any device by personalizing your mobile marketing with SMS messages, push notifications, and chat messaging.

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Engage at the right moment based on events, location, and proximity.

Create Mobile Messages

Build and send highly targeted mobile messages with ease.


Send captivating SMS and MMS messages.

Build and automate your ideal mobile campaigns with custom templates for outbounds, text-response, email opt-in campaigns, info capture, and multimedia messages (MMS).

Get to know your audience with chat messaging.

Build complete user profiles by capturing preferences, behaviors, and attributes during chat messaging. Plus, combine data from all other channels and CRM tools.

Power up your apps with push messaging.

Market with mobile phone alerts, deals, or discounts to drive in-app purchases and increase app usage. Build user profiles with data such as location and device type.

Personalize the experience

Send relevant messaging based on customer preferences and behaviors, driving engagement.


Target your audience.

Drag-and-drop tools make it easy to segment mobile subscribers. Send your personalized message based on location, demographics, and individual customer preferences.

Trigger sends for the right moment.

Deliver transactional, time-sensitive messages such as password resets, shipping reminders, alerts, and updates by using an open API platform.

Automate your mobile marketing so you don’t miss an opportunity.

Schedule marketing efforts to trigger messages — when and where they’ll get noticed — based on predetermined events or user behavior.

Improve customer service.

Turn a broadcast or transactional message into a two-way conversation with your customers with the combined power of Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud.

Drive App Engagement

Unite the physical and digital world with location-based technology.


Promote your brand to your nearest customers.

Create geofenced messages that automatically send coupons or promotions to your customers when they’re entering or exiting a targeted area.

Deliver beautiful push messages with rich content.

Create contextual pages for mobile, then deliver them with rich push capabilities. Share event maps, restaurant menus, or other visual content specific to time and place.

Target location-based alerts further with beacons.

Deliver even closer proximity messages — within feet — using Bluetooth low-energy beacon devices to draw attention to specific offers.

Analyze and track.

Monitor performance with mobile reports to understand deliverability and engagement — even on the go with our mobile app.

Reach your audience

Include mobile in your overall marketing strategy to meet your customers anytime, anywhere.


Align mobile with your other marketing channels.

Deliver mobile messages alongside your email, ads, and web campaigns to create a consistent customer journey across every channel and device.

Follow every customer’s journey.

Trigger mobile messages instantly based on how users interact with your brand and boost engagement.

Reach customers who are already active elsewhere.

Identify which channels your customers use to engage with your brand so you can communicate better in all of them — and drive more mobile interaction.

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