Retail Management App

CROSSMARK app helps retailers reach consumers anywhere on the shopping journey.


OneHub App

OneHub connects retailers to suppliers and shoppers while providing rich customer data and unprecedented control over the shopping experience.
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CROSSMARK app enables retailers to harness the power of data to build stronger relationships.


The Business Challenge

CROSSMARK is a leading sales and marketing company in the consumer goods and services industry. For more than a century, the company has helped retailers and suppliers connect to consumers. Today, retailers want even more control over their stores and visibility into customer relationships. Suppliers want more insights into the impact of their promotions. CROSSMARK saw an opportunity to address both with a single app that could also open the door to new ways to connect with and understand consumers.

The App Solution

Built on the Salesforce Platform, CROSSMARK OneHub enables the selling, planning, execution, and measurement of in-store activities ranging from merchandising and remodels to demos and shopper engagement. Seamlessly integrated with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud, it offers unprecedented control and can be configured to each retailer’s workflows and processes. It also provides suppliers with a comprehensive view of the data required to measure the effectiveness of a specific promotion or event.

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