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Deloitte virtualizes its student training program with a scalable app.


Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce Academy App

Deloitte, global professional services organization, creates an app to track student enrollment and progress for its Digital Salesforce Academy.




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Deloitte built an app fast with low code to track student enrollment in its Digital Salesforce Academy.


The Business Challenge

Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce Academy (DDSA) equips college students across the United States with job-relevant skills by introducing them to Salesforce and the world of consulting through a series of on-campus, hands-on Salesforce bootcamps. The feedback from participants has been exceedingly positive, and as a result, the global interest in DDSA has continued to grow more than anticipated, leading to an overwhelming demand and the need for innovative programming. Deloitte needed to keep building on the momentum and success of DDSA with a platform that allowed it to reach interested students around the world virtually — and it needed it as soon as possible.

The App Solution

Deloitte built an app using low code and automation and was able to take its training program virtual within a matter of weeks. The app allows students to enroll in the program, and the enrollment process is automated and powered by Flow Builder. Once a student joins the program, they learn on Trailhead, and a leaderboard in the app propels students to work diligently. Students from more than 100 colleges and universities have earned over 14,000 Trailhead badges. As DDSA looks to expand globally, Deloitte will remain agile by relying on configurable Salesforce components to move quickly and support many different use cases.

Salesforce Flows enable DDSA to innovate quickly, launching new campaigns that introduce Salesforce and Trailhead to thousands of students around the United States.”

Josh Moskow | Consultant at Deloitte

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