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App Cloud gives you everything you need to manage apps, users, profiles, and more.


Salesforce Identity

Maintain a single, trusted identity for your employees, partners, and customers across your company. Centrally manage apps, users, and data sharing for your enterprise cloud and mobile apps. Easily sync and authenticate your existing users from directory services such as Active Directory. Integrate with tons of enterprise apps like ADP, Workday, and SharePoint. All with the simplicity, transparency, and trust of the world’s #1 cloud platform.


Event Monitoring

Gain access to detailed performance, security, and usage data on all your Salesforce apps. Every interaction is tracked and accessible via API, so you can view it in the data visualization app of your choice. See who is accessing critical business data when, and from where. Understand user adoption across your apps. Troubleshoot and optimize performance to improve end-user experience. Event Monitoring data can be easily imported into any data visualization or application monitoring tool like Wave Analytics, Splunk, or New Relic.


Field Audit Trail

Whether for regulatory compliance, internal governance, audit, or customer service, Field Audit Trail lets you know the state and value of your data for any date, at any time. Built on a big data backend for massive scalability, Field Audit Trail helps companies create a forensic data-level audit trail with up to ten years of history and set triggers for when data is deleted.


Platform Encryption

As more customers use Salesforce to store PII, sensitive, confidential, or proprietary data, they need to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of that data to meet both external and internal data compliance policies. Designed to allow you to retain critical app functionality -- like search, workflow, and validation rules -- while maintaining full control over encryption keys and set encrypted data permissions to protect sensitive data from unauthorized users, Platform Encryption allows you to natively encrypt your most sensitive data at rest across all your Salesforce apps.


Centralized IT Governance

App Cloud allows you to create and manage a centralized, cloud-based IT governance framework, including:

  • Control over administration profiles to ensure the only people making changes are those authorized to do so
  • A collaborative environment to publish policies and promote their review and discussion
  • Rich user permission sets, user profiles, and record types to provide specific views of data for each type of user
  • Workflow to receive, review, and approve change requests from multiple parties

Access Management

App Cloud helps control and manage the enterprise app environment across the hall, the office, and the whole business, from anywhere in the world.

Built-in, role-based access allows for control over where apps are deployed, and which data each user can access at the object, field, or record level. You can also create custom rules across roles and profiles so you can share data when you want, with the user you want.

Deliver Identity services for every user and role, easily, with Salesforce Identity.

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Maintain a single, trusted identity for your employees, partners, and customers across your company with the world’s most trusted enterprise cloud platform.