Build process automation into the DNA of your business with Lightning Flow.

Future-proof your business with Lightning Flow, the go-to solution for building, managing, and running automated flows and processes. Combining point-and-click builders with reusable building blocks built by your developers or ISVs, you can build powerful automation with ease, fast. Want to build seamless, visually rich guided experiences? Want to improve business productivity? We thought so. Lightning Flow is for you.

Create seamless experiences with point-and-click builders.


Design business logic with point-and-click builders.

At the core of Lightning Flow are the two point-and-click builders that make it easy to build complex processes. Flow Builder is designed to create processes with visual experiences or with complex logic while Process Builder is designed for behind-the-scenes, criteria-based automation.

Automate across connected systems.

Lightning Flow makes it easy to connect to data sources inside and outside of your Salesforce org by subscribing and publishing platform events. Configure open API connections via External Service, and leverage powerful MuleSoft APIs and Apex classes.

Embed visual workflows everywhere.

With the new Flow Builder, companies can enhance user experience and increase business agility with guided interactions everywhere, whether on a desktop, mobile device, customer community, or external website.

Create self-service communities and guided forms.

Lightning Flow makes it easy to build visual experiences that efficiently guide customers and employees through your processes. Embed experiences in self-service communities or guided action lists on Lightning pages.

Customer Success Spotlight


John Hancock is a Trailblazer.

We were able to increase our agent productivity by automating some of their key workflows using point-and-click tools”

Jennifer Lee, Lead Solution Designer

With Salesforce, we’ve automated the dispute process, saving our associates both time and energy.”

Thomas Hobbs, Director of Enterprise CRM

Lightning Flow helped us cut down a tedious financial process, making time to completion 3x faster.”

Marshall King, SVP, IT Solutions, JLL

Lightning is the ultimate package for our organization. It’s really the end game for us.”

Jenny Fisher, Director of Sales Technology

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