Make workplace safety a priority.


Manage employee workplace preparedness, wellness, and safety data from a single hub.


Get one flexible solution to manage business operations and monitor ongoing employee wellness and safety.

With Workplace Command Center, you can:

Make informed, data-driven decisions from a single hub

Customize and trigger workflows, apps, and actions for managing operations

Manage employee wellness data, shift scheduling, and preparedness

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Wellness Check

Prioritize the health of your workforce.

Assess wellness while respecting privacy. Survey your workforce, and gain insights into wellness data by geography, office location, and overall workforce health status in simple, secure dashboards.

Included for free in Workplace Command Center



Get a single solution for workplace safety.


Workplace Command Center

Manage workplace operations from a single hub.
$ 5
(billed annually)
* This edition requires an annual contract.

Shift Management

Streamline shift scheduling to optimize capacity.

With Shift Management, you can:

Optimize site capacity by building and floor

Allow employees to specify availability

Easily manage schedules to help ensure critical work is complete

Stagger arrival times to promote employee safety


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Manage shifts and capacity within Workplace Command Center.


Shift Management

Streamline shift scheduling to promote employee safety.
$ 5
(billed annually)
* This edition requires an annual contract.


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Contact Tracing for Employees helps you manually monitor employee health, identify risks and respond faster to keep employees safe.


Quickly deliver custom learning and skill up your employees to meet evolving business needs.


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