Salesforce Platform Quick Tips: Improve User Experience and Engagement

Watch short videos chock full of handy tricks for optimizing UI.

Watch Trailblazers share their one-minute tips on how to get the most from the Salesforce Platform. Each Quick Tips video will give you instructions on topics from automation and UI optimization to troubleshooting and driving efficiency. Learn more about the Quick Tips series.

Topics in this playlist:


How to Set Up Pages to Load Faster

Help your users save time by decreasing page load time.
Andrea Stratton
Salesforce Administrator

How to Use the Cog Wheel to Bypass Setup

Check out this handy shortcut for saving time while editing pages or objects in the Salesforce Platform.
Nadina Lisbon
Systems Capability and Salesforce Architect

How to Build More User-Friendly Forms

Learn how to build forms that are better for users and for you.
Aleksandra Radovanovic
Salesforce Solution Architect

How to Create Custom Records with Dynamic Forms

Create unique record layouts by using dynamic forms in the Salesforce Platform to suit the needs of every customer.
Jonathan Fox
Lead Salesforce Developer

How to Optimize UI for Mobile Users

See why it’s important to design unique user interfaces for desktop and mobile and how you can optimize each experience for your users.
Terry Miller
Salesforce Architect

How to Create Dynamic Component Visibility

Enhance the user experience with these simple steps to make components appear only when users need them.
Jonathan Fox
Lead Salesforce Developer

How to Send Mass Emails Faster

Learn how you can leverage email templates to send out list emails quickly and efficiently.
Andrea Stratton
Salesforce Administrator

How to Encourage Adoption with Gamification

Find out how to make it fun for your users to learn about new features and updates.
Monica Doyle
Senior Salesforce Administrator

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