Salesforce for Manufacturing

Unify digital experiences across your value chain.

In today’s market, product differentiation alone is not enough. By offering unified customer, partner, and employee experiences, manufacturers can boost their competitive advantage.

Modernize commercial operations.

Manage your complete book of business

A unified platform makes your company easier to do business with and accelerates sales cycles:

  • Manage recurring, run-rate business on a single platform 
purpose-built for manufacturers
  • Capture commitments and track performance with sales agreements
  • Forecast demand with account-based forecasts

Learn how to modernize your commercial operations.


Unlock business agility with the #1 CRM for manufacturing.

See Manufacturing Cloud in action.

Grow your manufacturing sales the digital way.

Take your sales process digital, prepare for the future of work, and boost your revenue.

Simplify partner engagement.

Deepen partner relationships for greater performance.

Suppliers and partners are essential elements of a manufacturing value chain. Improve performance through:

  • Streamlined and collaborative business processes
  • Shared visibility into orders, cases, sales agreements, and forecasts
  • Mutually beneficial channel incentive programs

Get the insight you need to simplify partner engagement.


The Manufacturer’s Playbook for Ecosystem Collaboration.

Manage change and accelerate partner engagement digitization strategies.

3 Ways to Strengthen the Manufacturer-Partner Relationship.

Get insights from the Trends in Manufacturing report.

Transform the service experience.

Differentiate your business with expanded service.

Manufacturers need to differentiate themselves by offering unified service experiences to customers, partners, and employees.

Transform your experiences by:

  • Improving satisfaction through automated service processes and self-service
  • Elevating field service productivity and performance while minimizing disruption
  • Expanding new service revenue streams on a unified digital platform

See how to transform the service experience.


Learn how discrete manufacturers can go digital with field service.

Going digital with field service management makes customer satisfaction easy.
Resilient OEM manufacturers focus on aftermarket and service sales and channel management.

Enable the workforce of the future.

Empower employees to succeed from anywhere.

Compete for top talent and empower their success by providing employees with the tools to do their jobs from anywhere:

  • Enable productive, collaborative experiences on a unified platform
  • Scale expertise and agility through knowledge and information access, analytics, and AI
  • Ensure compliance and drive efficiencies through business process automation


Interested in enabling the workforce of the future?


Forbes Insights Research: The Experience Equation.

Learn how happy employees and customers accelerate growth.

When work flows, customer success grows.

Connect customers, employees, and partners with the conversations, apps, and data that power digital workflows for an all-new way to work.

Unleash your data.

Translate data into insights and actions.

Unlock siloed data and make faster, smarter decisions at scale with AI-powered intelligence:

  • Deliver data where it’s needed across the organization
  • Gain strategic insights through integrated analytics and AI
  • Transform insight into action with a system of engagement on unified platform

Start to unleash the power of your data.


Modern Manufacturing: 4 Ways Data is Transforming the Industry.

Process data smarter and make more informed decisions.

Transform the manufacturing value chain with APIs.

See how Airbus, Univar, and ABB have digitally transformed with an API strategy.