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Questions about your Trailblazer Account? We’ve got answers

A Trailblazer account is the same as the former Trailblazer.me account. It allows you to access various online websites related to Salesforce like Trailhead, Salesforce+, Trailblazer Community, and more.

On the other hand, your Salesforce login connects you directly to your company org, where you can access our products, manage your licenses, accounts, contacts, and more.

Absolutely! Your Trailblazer account is personal and can be taken with you if you leave your current company.

To ensure uninterrupted access, make sure to add a recovery email using your personal email address. This will enable you to always have access to your Trailblazer account.

For detailed instructions on how to add a recovery email, please refer to our help article on Trailblazer Recovery Accounts.

Yes. You can also add a Salesforce account by updating your Trailblazer account settings. We recommend you create a Trailblazer account with your personal email address first so that if you change companies, you don’t lose access to your account. After you create your account, you can add any email addresses, such as your work email, and also connect with your social accounts, such as Google and LinkedIn.

For detailed instructions on how to add more identities to your Trailblazer account, please refer to our Help article on Trailblazer Recovery Accounts.

For Partners accessing the Partner Community, use your Trailblazer login credentials for your Salesforce Partner company. After you log in to the Partner Community with Trailblazer account, you can access Partner Learning Camp and Talent Alliance.

It's possible that you already have a Trailblazer account. Enter the email that you have used for prior Salesforce experiences and check for a single-use code in your inbox.

If you have multiple Trailblazer accounts, you can merge them. For detailed instructions on how to merge your Trailblazer accounts, please refer to our help article on Trailblazer Account Merges.

Signing up for a Trailblazer account is always free.

Sign up to get started. For detailed instructions on our sign up process see help article on Sign Up for a Trailblazer Account.