Bayer Pharmaceuticals

"Pharma is going social, and Salesforce keeps us connected."

-Dave Shum
Manager, Business Solutions

Bayer cuts costs and improves communication with Salesforce

These are challenging times for the pharmaceutical industry. Expiring patents, reduced government spending, and growing development costs all contribute to long hours and full schedules. With doctors busier than ever, the time they have available to meet with pharmaceutical companies is becoming scarce. That’s why Bayer—a global a leader in healthcare for more than 130 years—uses Salesforce to improve communication and make information available on mobile devices.

Now that Bayer has moved to Salesforce, employees can use iPads and iPhones to access data from anywhere. They can create custom reports on the fly and automatically see up-to-date information. And, custom apps built on the Salesforce1 Platform reduced the time it takes to disseminate meaningful data around the company. “We can share data in real time,” explains Dave Shum, Manager, Business Solutions. “This translates to revenue gains.”

Helping employees stay connected

A private Chatter social network lets employees in sales, marketing, and marketing research share product information and collaborate to help customers. “Employees in Montreal are now sharing tips with employees in Vancouver,” says Shum. "We're using Chatter to share and collaborate across teams and more efficiently on-board new employees. The world is going social, and now Chatter helps us serve our customers in new ways.”


Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Bayer Pharmaceuticals
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