Past customer bills with explanations and suggested responses to the customer.

Connect the entire communications customer lifecycle.

Find and sign up the best customers, increase revenue faster, fulfill orders seamlessly, and decrease customer churn — with the #1 AI CRM for communications.

These telcos innovate faster with a communications CRM.


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Hit your KPIs with Salesforce for Communications.

25 %
increase in customer retention*
Reduce customer churn and create stickier relationships with Salesforce.
29 %
increase in sales revenue*
The purpose-built telecom BSS from Salesforce delivers revenue results faster.
26 %
increase in employee productivity*
Optimize processes with data, AI, and automation with the #1 AI CRM for communications.

Grow revenue. Reduce churn. Increase ARPU. All with a communications CRM.

Check out how these purpose-built solutions for the communications industry can help your business.

Accelerate Communications Sales

Grow your revenue streams faster by giving sellers AI-powered propensity to buy insights and tailored product recommendations — powered by the #1 AI CRM for communications — that help close more deals faster.

Optimize Telecom Customer Service

Make your service agent’s job easier by connecting billing, telecom BSS, OSS, and CRM data in one place. Generative AI knowledge and answers built into the service console makes agents smarter and helps them respond faster.

Light up Fiber Subscriber Experiences

Achieve fiber build ROI faster by understanding where to build, attracting new subscribers, and onboarding them seamlessly. Personalize every customer experience with the power of integrated data activated with AI.

Simplify Wholesale Transactions

Make buying or selling service to another service provider easy. Create and manage your product portfolio and simplify your inter-carrier wholesale transactions using industry-standard APIs on the world’s #1 AI CRM for communications.

It starts with the #1 AI CRM for communications.

Customer details like current order status, information, and alerts.

Communications Cloud

Transform and simplify the mission critical “middle office” with Communications Cloud. It is purpose-built for communications service providers, and includes applications, a data model, and integrations -- all for the communications industry. Best of all, it's built on the power of Salesforce CRM.

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Communications CRM FAQ

Salesforce for Communications is the #1 AI CRM packaged, configured, and purpose-built for the communications sector. Companies can integrate and access shared customer data, built-in predictive and generative AI, and automate processes to lower costs, boost productivity, and drive efficient growth.

Salesforce for Communications is a communications CRM that offers a complete suite of solutions for every step of the customer lifecycle - across marketing, sales, order delivery, and service. Every solution has AI and automation built in. Cutomers reap ROI faster and improve customer experiencies.

First, think about your main challenges and business goals. Then, get to know our Communications CRM solutions on this page to guide you to the right solution and how Salesforce Customer 360 can help. Sign up for our free Trial Org to get a taste of how Communications Cloud can help your business.