Marketing is about people. It’s about reaching the individual while appealing to the masses. This means that as the world evolves, so must marketing. As such, new technology plays an integral role in modern marketing practices, and any marketing teams that hope to succeed must take advantage of it. That is why top teams invest more heavily than others in adopting new technology. In fact, 72 percent of high performers will increase spending on marketing tools and technology over the next two years.

What is marketing automation? It is the process of utilizing technology to streamline marketing efforts, but more importantly, to make them more effective. Using a single automation platform, a marketing director is able to manage every aspect of every campaign from the same place. This includes:

  • Email marketing — building and managing personalized email campaigns.

  • Social media marketing — crafting social media personas and guiding user experiences.

  • Mobile messaging — using SMS, MMS, and push notifications to engage customers.

  • Managing ads — aligning advertising across every channel.

But the best marketing software is about more than just these features. Indeed, for the best marketing teams, a platform that accomplishes these things is the bare minimum — they are less concerned with the question “what is marketing automation software?” and more concerned with “what is a marketing automation platform that will transform my results?”

These sorts of marketing automation platforms are able to go beyond the usual function to empower marketing teams in creating personalized, cross-channel customer journeys. Through tracking and analysing visitor behavior, the best marketing automation software provides the ability to craft 1-to-1 journeys across every channel (email, marketing, social, etc.) and a totally unified experience for the customer, whether they are dealing with marketing, sales, service, online, or offline.

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Align your marketing and sales

Marketing automation software is becoming an increasingly competitive market. With so many platforms now able to cover the basics, how does a marketing manager make sure that their platform is helping their team to perform at the very highest level? What is a marketing automation tool that will help them to truly excel? Here are some things to look out for.

Expanded Capabilities
First and foremost, mobile capabilities are essential. At this stage most automation tools will have a mobile app, rendering those that don’t completely redundant. Furthermore, it is important to check for any limitations that the mobile version may have. Finally, a good marketing automation platform will be flexible, easily customizable, and have all of the features mentioned above and more.

Comprehensive Integration
Mobile capabilities are important, but without full integration and functionality the app is basically useless. A top marketing automation tool will have an intuitive desktop to mobile experience, full syncing, and ease of integration with a company’s current system, software, and devices.

Ease of Usability
There is a learning curve when new recruits start at any job, but no manager wants to waste valuable training time on teaching a new hire how to use the software. In the same vein, when adopting a new marketing management platform, productivity can significantly slow if it does not have an intuitive user interface (on every platform). This makes testing potential tools for usability essential.

Cost and Security
Regardless of company size, having a secure platform is absolutely crucial. And none of this matters without a cost that makes sense from a business point of view.

Each of these aspects is important in finding a sufficient platform to use, but what is a marketing automation tool that will most effectively accomplish the true purpose of a top marketing team? How does a marketing director make sure that they adopt a marketing automation tool that aids them in creating those all-important 1-to-1 journeys? A good place to start is with Salesforce.
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Using a variety of Salesforce solutions, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, companies are able to creating marketing experiences that are as unique as each customer. Salesforce excels at all of the core components needed to provide full marketing automation. Businesses that use Salesforce can expect:

  • Faster growth.
    The ability to identify leads more quickly and close sales faster.

  • Higher engagement.
    Improved speed of follow-up when customers show interest in something specific.

  • High quality lead generation.
    Easy ability to create landing pages, forms, targeted email campaigns, and a personalized buyer experience from start to finish.

  • Stronger customer/client relationships.
    Building better relationships facilitated by a unified experience through marketing, sales, and customer service.

  • Marketing ROI.
    Through better understanding of which tactics and campaigns are working best via immediate feedback, better decisions can be made, and a higher ROI is inherent.

It is no longer enough to “go digital” and call it good. From data segmentation to marketing automation to predictive intelligence, high performers are at least 4.2 times more likely than underperformers to be using these types of tools and technologies. The evidence is clear. In order to be a marketing team that performs at the highest level, no less than the very best tools are needed.

In order to reach the ever-evolving customer on a personal level, marketing teams need automation software that can understand their customers as individuals. In a market that is saturated with tools that can solve one or a few of your problems, Salesforce is the only service that offers a comprehensive solution. Salesforce tools can make sure that marketers are able to reach the right person at the right time, using the best offer for them, and on the best channel to reach them.

Take a look at the full range of Salesforce services available today, and see how you can use them to transform your company.

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