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The Forrester Wave™: B2C Commerce Suites, Q2 2020

Salesforce is named a Leader in B2C Commerce.



Convert more shoppers with seamless B2C ecommerce transactions.


Optimize the conversion funnel.

Reduce abandoned carts with proven best practices, including saved carts, optimized checkout flows, and payment accelerators.

Go mobile.

Master mobile commerce with a full suite of mobile-first capabilities, including responsive design, data-driven mobile UX, and one-touch payment.

Leverage social extensions.

Extend your reach by merging digital commerce with social channels and online communities, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Empower customer service teams.

Help service agents accelerate over-the-phone orders and check out on behalf of customers with real-time access to digital storefronts and order history.

Extend digital commerce into the store.

Enable mobile access to digital inventory that store associates can offer to sell and ship in real time, anywhere in the store with our flexible add-on, Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle.

Manage the complete order lifecycle.

Connect commerce and service experiences, unify customer profiles, and unlock order history with our add-on, Salesforce Order Management.

Make every interaction count.

Connect customers with the information they need — before and after they buy — with Commerce Portals. Personalize every interaction, product, and service to drive customer value.

Go beyond the transaction.

Boost loyalty and engagement by providing seamless, personalized journeys across the customer lifecycle. Build experiences with out-of-the-box templates and customize them easily using clicks to code.


Going Direct to Consumer

Thinking about going direct to consumer? Get your step-by-step guide to starting a D2C channel.


Build and launch campaigns and promotions easily, without IT support.


Build commerce experiences quickly.

Design, schedule, and publish pages with Page Designer. A drag-and-drop interface and powerful reusable components make it easy to build pages with clicks — not code.

Launch campaigns faster.

Build and launch innovative campaigns, promotions, and A/B testing based on consumer behavior, channel, and location — all without technical support.

Personalize merchandising.

Attract more shoppers, build customer loyalty, and increase conversion rates with dynamic customer segments, merchandising rules, and AI-powered recommendations.

Unify products, pricing, and catalogs.

Simplify merchandising with a centralized view of products and pricing across multiple sites, multiple languages, and multiple currencies.

Help shoppers find what they want.

Optimize customer searches and boost conversions with merchant rules that adjust for search intent and product profitability.

Boost organic traffic.

Improve page rank, build traffic, and grow faster with SEO optimization — from product pages and categories to metadata and images.


The Commerce Solution Guide

Build fast and flexible commerce experiences for every customer.


Harness the power of AI with Einstein — no data scientist required.


Get personal with recommendations.

Tailor the shopping experience to each user with Einstein Product Recommendations, which delivers highly personalized product suggestions with every click.

Drive revenue with customer insights.

Interpret purchasing behavior and optimize your product bundles, sets, and deals with Einstein Commerce Insights, an AI-powered shopping basket analysis dashboard.

Engage more with optimized search terms.

Guarantee relevant, robust search results with Einstein Search Dictionaries, which resolves missing search terms with automatically generated synonym lists.

Boost conversions with intelligent search results.

Help shoppers find what they are looking for — and more — with Einstein Predictive Sort, which automatically tailors category pages and search results to each shopper.

Improve searches with “type ahead” guidance.

Reduce abandoned searches with Einstein Search Recommendations, which offers type-ahead suggestions personalized to every shopper in real time.
Learn how Stonewall Kitchen harnesses AI-powered personalization to drive growth.


Think outside the box with our comprehensive suite of B2C ecommerce developer tools.


Connect to the power of Salesforce.

Create a truly unified customer journey across all core functions with the Salesforce Platform, which connects Commerce Cloud with sales, service, marketing, and more.

Embrace API-first commerce.

Build and extend shopping experiences using our Open Commerce APIs, which surface core B2C ecommerce functionality for developers and third-party apps.

Launch fast with storefront blueprints.

Build feature-rich storefronts faster with Storefront Reference Architecture, an out-of-the-box website framework that combines best practices in site design, merchandising, and technical architecture.

Extend, customize, and innovate your sites.

Enhance the shopping experience with our extensive library of prebuilt, certified integrations, including payment accelerators, ratings and reviews, and loyalty programs.

Code with developer-friendly tools.

Respond to business requests and deliver innovation faster using a dev environment that provides industry-standard, JavaScript-based tools.

Go mobile-first with apps.

Develop mobile commerce apps using scalable APIs, a full development framework, and certified technology partners.


POC accelerates innovation and gives revenue a lift.



Manage multiple digital commerce sites and conquer new regions faster.


Go global in record time.

Minimize the risk, cost, and technical complexity of entering new international markets with our secure, borderless infrastructure.

Speak the language.

Quickly customize sites to account for customs, cultures, currencies, and languages. Give regional teams their own localized reference architecture for English, Chinese, Japanese, French, or Italian.

Execute global content strategies.

Build great digital commerce experiences with targeted content, offers, and relevant products that are organized by language, country, state, region, or city.

Manage multiple sites and regions easily.

Launch and manage all your B2C ecommerce properties — brands, sites, geographies, and devices — from a single, unified framework.



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