Marketing Cloud Personalization

Automate AI-powered, 1-to-1 moments in real time for marketing, sales, and service.

Treat every customer as unique individuals and reduce costs.


Attract and retain customers with behavioral insights.

Understand individual customer affinities and intent in real time.

Individualize real-time moments with AI.

Automatically deliver the right content, products, and offers to each customer as they interact.

Test and optimize everywhere.

Quickly deploy A/B/n testing to optimize journeys for conversion and cost savings.

Connect the online and offline journey.

Reduce churn and increase lifetime value with connected customer journeys across each touchpoint over time.

Make personalization effective and easy.


Deliver 1-to-1 engagement that drives revenue.

Engage customers in the moment with AI and real-time data. Determine personalized next-best actions — rooted in business value.

Personalize web and email experiences.

Optimize your website and emails with dynamic content to meet each customer’s needs in real time

Drive revenue with behavioral and product triggers.

Optimize your website and emails with dynamic content to meet each customer’s needs in real time

Connect to sales and service data.

Inspire next best actions for customers by linking your CRM and service data

Combine A/B testing with personalization.

Launch A/B tests and view results in real time to optimize on the fly.

Design and deploy surveys to website visitors.

Draw from response data to inform customer experiences in real time.

Idaho Central Credit Union makes every finance moment personal.


Personalization allows us to support our membership, to be available, and present relevant and efficient content to members when they are engaging with our brand through every channel.

Wes Bell

Marketing Digital Director at Idaho Central Credit Union

Top brands are making interactions smarter, easier, and faster.


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