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Marketing Cloud Personalization

Optimize conversions and reduce costs with AI-driven, 1-to-1 customer experiences.

Treat every customer as unique individuals and reduce costs.


Reduce customer acquisition costs.

Understand customer affinities in real time to personalize experiences and increase conversion rates.

Automate personalization across the customer journey.

Save time with AI-driven content, offers, and recommendations that shorten the path to conversion.

Optimize spend with AI.

Reduce costs by understanding what’s working and what’s not with automated A/B/n testing.

Increase customer retention and lifetime value.

Reduce churn and grow customer value with connected customer journeys that get smarter with every interaction.
The Marketing Effectiveness Bundle, and associated discounting, is only available for Marketing Cloud. Savings based on non-discounted product listing price. Offer open until 12/31/22 and subject to change without notice. Additional restrictions and exclusions apply. Contact your sales representative for additional information and to determine if you apply.

Make personalization effective and easy.


Deliver 1-to-1 engagement that drives revenue.

Engage customers in the moment with AI and real-time data. Determine personalized next-best actions — rooted in business value.

Personalize web and email experiences.

Optimize your website and emails with dynamic content to meet each customer’s needs in real time.

Drive revenue with behavioral and product triggers.

Start an outbound journey when customers join or leave segments, abandon a cart, and more.

Connect to sales and service data.

Inspire next best actions for customers by linking your CRM and service data

Use AI to test and learn.

Test efficiently on individuals, not audiences. Launch A/B tests and view results in real time to optimize on the fly.

Design and deploy surveys to website visitors.

Draw from response data to inform customer experiences in real time.

Lyca Mobile personalizes every moment — everywhere.


Based on a customer’s calling activity, we can proactively recommend a lower-cost plan. If the customer is interested, order fulfillment doesn’t take four hours like it used to – it’s almost immediate now.

Ankit Rai

Head of Retention, CRM, CVM, Lyca Mobile

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