Empower customers to find answers themselves first. Help your business deflect cases, cut costs, and prioritize complex issues.

Scale support with Self-Service.


Self-Service Help Center

Free up your agents from handling common questions or requests with a branded self-service help center. Easily embed knowlege articles and provide customers access to important data.

Automation and Workflows

Automate business processes with the digital HQ for service. Empower customers to resolve requests on their own — no agent required — by integrating Salesforce data into your portal and business processes.


Give customers real-time answers. With Einstein, you can personalize content based to highlight the most relevant articles and enable chatbots to handle FAQ.

Authenticated Portals

Build branded, mobile-responsive portals and communities using Lightning Community Builder. It's the low-code way to get started with drag-and-drop ease.


Deflect cases and resolve issues faster with intelligent chatbots. Automate routine requests, guide customers through next steps, or route them to the right agent.

Customer Community

Make it easy for customers to find answers in the community by automatically surfacing the information they need from multiple sources. Provide access to groups, experts, and MVPs to keep customers coming back.

Mobile Publisher

Create a pixel-perfect mobile application for your customer portal with Mobile Publisher. Publish directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to deliver a consistent, branded self-service experience from anywhere.

As consumers, we want to interact when we want to, how we want to. We expect that someone has thought about all the data that might be relevant to us."

Arvind Krishna

Chairman & CEO, IBM

This is not the Self-Service you think you know.

Read the Frost & Sullivan report to learn how to power the customer experience with help centers and portals.

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