Introducing The Salesforce Way.

The Salesforce Way brings together tools, skills, and leading practices from across the Salesforce customer and partner ecosystem to help you achieve effective and fast business transformation in today’s digital-first world.

Accelerate speed to value and achieve long-term success.

Today’s most successful organizations are digitally transforming and achieving outcomes faster than ever by understanding and intentionally incorporating five key elements:

Trust is the foundation of all successful relationships.

How intentional is your company about building trustworthiness?

Trust is Salesforce’s number one value, and increasingly, companies across industries are investing in becoming trusted enterprises. Deloitte has written extensively on the value of trust, including strategies from top consumer brands and “The Four Factors of Trust.” And, partnering with Deloitte, we presented "The Art and Science of Building Trusted Relationships" at Dreamforce. By adopting a few practical steps, you can begin leveraging trust as a key part of your growth strategy.

Start building trusted relationships.



Understand the critical role trusted relationships play in business growth.


Salesforce Leading Practices

Better understand how relationships are the key to growth for all companies.



Evaluate your company’s trust-building practices with this framework template.



Explore tactics for building trust and strategies to influence the desired outcome.


Alignment drives faster, more effective decisions.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Holistic alignment doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a thoughtful, intentional approach. This element outlines key alignment practices that you can easily adopt to work better with your stakeholders, both internal and external, across multiple disciplines. The result? The ability to make faster and more impactful decisions.

Start creating alignment.



Discover how alignment between all stakeholders is essential for success.


Salesforce Leading Practices

Learn the six aspects of alignment and how to build seamless relationships with all stakeholders — business and IT, internal and external.



Define your value goals for success with this simple tool.



Learn our V2MOM process to get aligned on goals and strategies across the company.

Human centricity engages
all users.

Who are you designing for?

Traditional approaches to new product design start from a business-first or technology-first perspective. But what about your customers? Or your employees? Leveraging human-centered insights to inform your solution design can help you better understand the technical feasibility of your transformation, and more importantly, the desirability of your users to adopt it.

Start becoming more human-centric.



Understand the mindset shift from one or another “user” to the relationships between them.


Salesforce Leading Practices

Ensure holistic alignment and collaboration for faster and more effective transformation.



A simple tool to help you assess the readiness of your business users to adopt the Salesforce implementation



Learn relationship design fundamentals and how they help you connect better with customers and communities.


Maximize value with a platform mindset.

Understand and connect everyone in your ecosystem.

One of the most important aspects of platforms is their ability to attract and support a large and diverse set of users. Everyone in the platform ecosystem can benefit from knowing what makes the platform different and how they can maximize value from it — and each other.

Start adopting a platform mindset.



Shift your mindset from point solutions to an end-to-end customer journey.


Salesforce Leading Practices

Understand the mindset necessary to maximize the value of your platforms.



Accelerate engagement value and increase credibility with customers by asking thought-provoking questions.



Get introduced to the platform, navigate use cases, and build custom functionality.

Continuous innovation accelerates time to value.

Start producing more with less.

The key to continuous innovation is to produce work more frequently but in smaller quantities. In the world of Agile and DevOps, remaining light and adaptive reduces inventory and waste, evens out the availability of products over time, and enhances adaptability and responsiveness. Extending these principles across your enterprise will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Start embracing continuous innovation.



Start producing with a steady stream of innovation and improvement.



Leverage the same agile applications that Salesforce uses.


Salesforce Leading Practices

Implement Agile and DevOps to continuously innovate.



Gather feedback, build a generative culture, and optimize your development process.


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