Government Health and Human Services

Transform your system of record into a system of engagement to bring efficiency to mission-critical programs. Achieve better long-term outcomes by connecting everything from EHR data and treatment plans to patient preferences.

Manage compliance and remove complexities to bring readiness, process improvement, and speed to your agency.


Streamline public health and social services programs, deliver high-quality healthcare, and drive innovative biomedical research with Salesforce as your trusted partner.

  • Strengthen public health responses to emergencies and delivery of social services programs
  • Transform the patient experience with real-time patient data and personalized journeys
  • Connect the ecosystem of public payers, providers, and modern medicine through interoperable systems
  • Accelerate biomedical research with automated processes and workflows

Connect public health and social services systems on a single platform from the world’s most trusted CRM.


Modernize child services to protect children and strengthen families.

Provide access to information for better safety and permanency decisions. Reduce administrative burden so staff spend more time with children and families. Support investigators in the field with mobile tools so they can be productive and safe. Enable collaboration and community to protect the vulnerable, strengthen families, and improve outcomes.

Streamline public health preparedness and program delivery.

Accelerate the public health response by proactively tracking cases and interventions to contain the spread of diseases and prevent trauma during a disaster. Complement public health efforts by optimizing service assistance using a platform that simplifies managing initiatives and assessments. Pull data-driven insights from built-in analytics by partnering with digital health and big tech.

Improve service delivery and outcomes for those in need.

Meet the rising need for services with a modern engagement platform that reaches citizens where they are. Identify government programs and community resources to meet economic and social needs. Enable staff to make the best decisions possible with insight-driven processes and a 360-degree view of the individuals and families they serve. Manage the full case lifecycle, from intake to eligibility to outcome achievement, to improve well-being of individuals and families.

Deliver fast, secure, and interoperable healthcare experiences.

Personalize experiences at scale and engage your patients and members with innovative, interoperable, virtual care solutions. Effectively manage chronic conditions and promote price transparency, while honoring patient preferences.

This Harvard Business Review white paper on healthcare digital transformation will help you plan a path to lowering costs and delivering better patient and provider experiences.


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