National security and other vital government missions demand seamless interaction between government and the industrial base. Salesforce’s secure platform helps government contractors maximize impact — from winning strategic opportunities to providing superior service and support.

Business Development


Address everyday efficiencies and increase profitability with:

  • Opportunity, pipeline, and capture management tools
  • Comprehensive business intelligence
  • Shipley methodology (optional)
  • Dashboards and process automation for stage/gate reviews
  • Mobile-ready capabilities
Win strategic opportunities, close deals faster, and expand your client base. Salesforce’s Capture Management adapts the world’s best CRM for B2G.

Employee Engagement


Bring out the best in people and boost retention through:

  • Process automation for talent management
  • Accelerated onboarding
  • Self-service portals and help desks
  • Communities and knowledge sharing
  • Mobile-ready capabilities
Attract top talent and empower employees with Salesforce Customer 360, which relies on intelligence and analytics to help you design programs.

Client/Partner Service and Support


Improve access to information with:

  • Workflow automation
  • Contextual, omni-channel support
  • Dedicated field service 
  • The world’s #1 service platform
  • Mobile-ready capabilities
Empower managers and service agents to deliver connected, personalized, and intelligent support. Prioritize and resolve issues faster, while enabling all stakeholders to access the information and resources they need.

Supplier Relationship Management


Drive partnership, innovation, and efficiencies while identifying risk through:

  • Improved supplier contact and data management
  • Process automation that scales for strategic sourcing, supply chain, compliance, and risk analysis
  • Communities and self-service tools to engage suppliers, partners, and employees, and to track performance
Streamline and automate processes throughout the supplier lifecycle, from procurement to inventory management.

Modernization and Innovation


Increase your organization’s productivity with tools including:

  • Ready-to-use apps from Salesforce and its partner ecosystem
  • Low-code and no-code workflow automation
  • Integration with other clouds, ERPs, and legacy systems
  • Mobile-ready capabilities
Leverage powerful out-of-the-box capabilities to develop apps and automate processes across core business functions. Seamlessly connect to enterprise systems, data, and devices, while gaining business insights and maintaining advanced security.


Business Development

With Capture Management your organization thrives in a highly competitive B2G market. Refine business development through process automation and intelligence while adopting game-changing strategies that accelerate growth. Also see Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Business Development

  • World’s #1 CRM for:
    • Opportunity management
    • Pipeline management
    • Capture management
    • Shipley Methodology (optional)
  • Teaming partner contact and data management
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automated stage/gate review and approval processes and reports
  • Mobile-ready

Business Intelligence

  • Integration with Bloomberg, FBO, Govini, and GovWinIQ
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Advanced analytics

Lifecycle Contract Management

  • Standardized contract templates:
  • Intuitive contract wizards
  • Clause libraries
  • Conditional document assembly
  • Alerts and notifications
  • eSignature capabilities
  • Point-and-click administration
  • Intelligent insights and recommendations 

Account-based Marketing

  • Account tiering and segmentation
  • Relationship analysis
  • Journey mapping
  • Lead scoring

Close Bigger Deals Faster

  • Maintain 360 view of contacts and accounts
  • Learn about and mobilize for opportunities faster
  • Analyze win probability; bid and proposal costs; and resourcing to improve bid/no bid decisions
  • Generate information for stage/gate reviews quickly and accurately
  • Collaborate with teaming partners
  • Develop new business from anywhere

Gain a Competitive Edge

  • Analyze market trends
  • Qualify and price bids
  • Produce insights and reports for stage/gate reviews with ease
  • Accelerate productivity

Focus on Performance, Realize Savings

  • Streamline acquisition from issuing proposals to managing contracts 
  • Automate common functions, like  requests and approvals
  • Empower online transactions and generate agreements
  • Track purchase orders and invoices
  • Gain insights to improve pricing, resourcing, and spending
  • Perform cost analysis and realize savings

Create Personalized 1-to-1 Marketing

  • Align marketing with business development strategies
  • Deliver personalized content and experiences to clients on the channels they use


Employee Engagement

Turn your HR department into an employee success department with instant, personalized service. Help your employees reach their full potential with process automation, intelligent insights, communities, and mobile tools. Also see Community Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Customer 360

  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Employee profile management
  • Recruitment, onboarding, and career tracking
  • Scheduling and digital notifications
  • Case prioritization and escalation
  • Predictive analytics, recommendations and dashboards
  • Mobile-ready

Self-Service Portals and Help Desks

  • Repositories and search engines for:
    • Information
    • Policies and guidance
    • Common business support functions (IT, benefits, travel)
    • Solutions to common problems
  • Predictive analytics and recommendations
  • E-blasts and campaigns


  • Easy-to-build, customizable communities
  • Engagement tools (groups, chat, files)
  • Reward system (badges, peer recognition, ranking systems)
  • Dashboards and metrics

Increase productivity and satisfaction

  • Score candidates and manage offers
  • Develop onboarding that prepares new hires, from IT administration to general and specialized training
  • Measure employee, recruiter, and program performance
  • Analyze success factors and conditions for proactive engagement
  • Make services available anywhere at any time
  • Minimize administrative tasks

Reimagine employee service

  • Enable prospects and employees to easily find answers to common questions and problems
  • Keep stakeholders informed
  • Analyze utilization rates and patterns
  • Help employees focus on business goals, not administrative tasks

Empower Knowledge Sharing

  • Promote collaboration and innovation
  • Offer enriching learning and mentoring opportunities
  • Use metrics, manage groups, and keep them engaged and active

Client/Partner Service and Support

Government clients and partners expect fast, personalized service. Salesforce’s contextual, omnichannel platform helps you deliver smarter support--anywhere, any time. Also see Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, Community Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Customer 360

  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Employee profile management
  • Recruitment, onboarding, and career tracking
  • Scheduling and digital notifications
  • Case prioritization and escalation
  • Predictive analytics, recommendations and dashboards
  • Mobile-ready

Communities and Self-Service Portals

  • Easy-to-build, customizable self-service communities and portals
  • Intelligent content recommendations
  • Self-registration
  • Searchable knowledge articles
  • Integration with learning platforms
  • Dashboards and metrics

Field Service Lightning (Mobile App)

  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Actionable analytics
  • Cutting-edge, offline-first mobile experience

Deliver Exceptional Support and Service

  • Provide managers a unified view of clients and partners
  • Engage stakeholders how and where they want to be  engaged
  • Guide agents and managers with call scripts, process navigation, and recommendations
  • Analyze patterns to provide relevant and helpful responses
  • Fulfill service contracts and maintenance agreements
  • Monitor agent and staff performance to gain crucial insights
  • Close cases and work orders faster

Connect Clients, Partners and Employees

  • Offer the right resources, information, and product expertise
  • Share knowledge
  • Co-manage partner accounts
  • Train and certify stakeholders
  • Create and manage loyalty programs
  • Scale as you grow

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

  • Resolve field issues faster
  • Take action with IoT data and service analytics on one CRM
  • Use the app even with intermittent Internet service


Supplier Relationship Management

Engage suppliers and align partnerships with mission needs and performance standards. Streamline procurement and supply chain processes while gaining insights on top strategic suppliers, spend, and risk. Unlock information tied up in different systems with a common platform. Also see Manufacturing Solutions.

Contract Management and Procurement

  • Point-and-click administration
  • Supplier contact and data management
  • Intelligent insights and recommendations
  • Standardized contract templates:
  • Intuitive contract wizards
  • Clause libraries
  • Conditional document assembly
  • Alerts and notifications
  • eSignature capabilities
  • Strategic sourcing

Supplier Engagement

  • Easy-to-build, customizable self-service communities and portals
  • Supplier outreach (e-blasts, searchable knowledge articles, intelligent content recommendations)
  • Integration with learning platforms
  • Outreach and performance surveys
  • Dashboards and metrics
  • Cutting-edge, offline-first mobile experience with the Field Service Lightning Mobile App

Compliance and Security

  • Workflow for compliance, spending authority, and accounting
  • Risk analysis tools
  • Robust security for all supplier data, contracts, and metrics

Improve Supplier Performance

  • Provide business agility for a frequently changing supplier base
  • Gain visibility into spending, pricing, supplier performance, and employee buying patterns
  • Compare RFP responses
  • Streamline acquisition from issuing RFPs to managing contracts
  • Keep terms and conditions consistent
  • Negotiate price and payment terms
  • Empower online transactions
  • Track purchase orders and invoices
  • Perform cost analysis and realize savings

Accelerate Innovation

  • Speed supplier onboarding
  • Train suppliers
  • Resolve issues faster
  • Learn about supplier capabilities and innovations
  • Involve suppliers in developing solutions to business problems
  • Gather supplier input and feedback to improve performance
  • Drive market standardization
  • Use the app even with intermittent Internet service

Minimize Risk

  • Trigger compliance reviews
  • Identify suppliers with serious compliance risks
  • Calculate and assess risk (e.g. the impact of failure from one strategic partner)
  • Ensure 24X7 global reliability


Modernization and Innovation

Increase productivity through process automation and unlock data to drive results. Salesforce’s flexible PaaS and SaaS speeds time to market for essential business functions, while freeing up organizations to focus on mission, not complex legacy systems. Also see Platform and Integration Cloud.

Best-In-Class High Productivity Application PaaS

  • Powerful, out-of-the-box capabilities
  • Intuitive, low-code tools
  • Drag and drop workflow automation
  • Custom UI
  • Salesforce DX for developers (application lifecycle development, CI/CD, and auto-deploy)
  • Reports, dashboards, and analytics
  • Guided learning to design, develop, and secure apps
  • Mobile-ready


Single engagement layer for enterprise systems


3x Salesforce upgrades per year


  • AppExchange featuring more than 4,000 solutions
  • Components
  • Add-ons


  • Unique multitenant architecture
  • Security and access controls at every level -- infrastructure, network, and application
  • Event monitoring
  • Transaction security
  • Predictive intelligence
  • Trust and transparency

Create a Connected User Experience

  • Align apps to business and user needs while minimizing technical constraints
  • Rapidly prototype app ideas
  • Use programming languages and tools of choice
  • Connect all data, networks, and devices across the organization
  • Get trained on Salesforce fast

Extend the Power of the Platform

Align disparate systems and data sources, whether they be cloud, on-prem custom apps, or legacy

Transform the Organization

Benefit from Salesforce’s research in AI, automation, mobile, APIs, and security

Speed Time to Market

Find pre-vetted apps for business functions (business development, service, HR, IT), as well as apps that address industry-specific solutions

Stay Secure

  • Leverage robust and flexible security architecture
  • Stay informed of Salesforce’s security posture and roadmap

Get Future-ready with a Government CRM

Ready to talk more about the capabilities of the Customer 360 Platform for Government? We’ll help you set up a strategy to start connecting people and streamlining processes like never before.