Customer Service Software as a Service

The world is changing. Customers are demanding more and better service, delivered through every conceivable channel. That’s why more companies are using’s customer service software-as-a-service solution for call center CRM and help desk management. The key contrast with traditional customer support software is our “software as a service” model. Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support is delivered by subscription over the Web, unlike on-premise customer service software. So there’s no hardware or software to purchase or maintain, and no lengthy deployment cycle to impede you, your agents, or your customers.

For simplicity, no customer service software comes close to delivering call center CRM like Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support’s renowned ease of use means agents need less training, resolutions are speedier, and customers stay happy.’s customer service software as a service establishes the industry standard for call center CRM and customer self-service. You get the ease and functionality to maximize the productivity of every agent and deliver customer satisfaction across every channel. What’s more, with the power of our platform, Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support can be quickly and easily extended, customized, and adapted to any customer service challenge. This stands in stark contrast with conventional customer support software.

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Customer Support Software as a Service

Salesforce CRM is a customer relationship management system that provides a 360-degree view of your customer, from the perspective of sales, marketing, customer service, channel management, and more.

Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support, our customer support software-as-a-service application, provides your call center representatives with the resources they need to deliver superior customer experiences.’s customer service software-as-a-service solution helps you:

  • Make Every Agent Successful. Agent productivity and efficiency are self-reinforcing and ensure high resolution rates and happy customers. With customer service software as a service from, your call center staff has everything they need to achieve and sustain success.
  • Get Complete Customer Visibility. Agents need insight into every customer interaction, and unlike conventional customer service software,’s call center CRM delivers exactly that. In addition to everything happening in the call center itself, customer service software as a service reveals what’s transpiring on the phone, online, across sales and marketing, and even in the back office. This gives your agents a true 360-degree view.
  • Do More with Fewer Clicks.’s customer service software as a service makes agent productivity a snap, with powerful automation and streamlining tools that are as easy to use as popular consumer Web sites. This means less training, faster ramp-up time, and first-contact resolution rates that conventional customer support software just can’t match.
  • Take the Pulse of Performance. Powerful analytics tools inside customer service software as a service give you the ability to stay on top of response times and service quality. Use powerful reports and dashboards to track service interactions, agent performance, and customer issues. Like everything else in our CRM customer service software as a service, reports and dashboards are easy to create and customize in whatever way you like.

Call Center CRM Features

These are just a few of the customer service software as a service features designed to maximize agent and customer success:

  • Agent Console. In contrast with customer support software alternatives, customer service software as a service from gives your agents a 360-degree customer view to speed case resolution and consistently delight customers.
  • Reports and Dashboards. Executives, managers, and agents alike get complete visibility across all the metrics that matter to each.
  • Case Management. Customer service software as a service comes with smart workflows for documenting, resolving, and reporting customer issues.
  • Case Collaboration. customer service software as a service makes it easy for agents to enlist each other company-wide, to solve the most challenging customer concerns.
  • Ideas Management. With’s customer support software as a service, you gain unique technology for harnessing “the wisdom of the crowd,” with ideas for better service and higher productivity.

Customer Portal: the Customer Self-Service Solution

Drawing on the ease and power of Web 2.0 consumer innovations, customer service software as a service from brings you another innovation: a self-service portal where customers can obtain high-quality help and training themselves, at a lower cost to you. Customers can quickly find the answers they need in the call center CRM database, freeing your agents to focus on high-value calls.

With Salesforce CRM, it’s simple to brand your customer portal site with your company’s look and feel, and to create a highly tailored self-service experience, including a customer feedback forum.

In this way, customer service software as a service from empowers your customers with a place to go for sharing ideas, help, and feedback with you and your community. By definition, it’s an advantage that outmoded on-premise customer support software just can’t deliver. With Salesforce CRM, your customers gain a louder voice and greater sense of participation, both of which translate into higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Knowledge Base Management

Your customers want answers fast. Your customers don’t want to search through thousands of potential, and often irrelevant, solutions. That’s why customers so often wind up frustrated with generic customer support software products. Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support takes knowledge base management to the next level. No wonder more than 350,000 agents, in companies with 5 agents up to 35,000, have switched to a new kind of knowledge base.

  • Precisely the Answers You Want and Nothing You Don’t. Our patented knowledge base technology combined with Salesforce CRM’s complete customer view enables you to pinpoint what’s relevant to the customer.
  • Relevance in Real Time. With ordinary customer support software, search algorithms require continual tuning and expert re-engineering to keep pace with constant business change. Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support provides tools--like knowledge analytics and widgets--that keep your knowledge resources always fresh.

Leverage the Service Cloud for Better Customer Support

Cloud computing is the rage. Why not build custom cloud computing applications for your CRM and make customer service better than ever?

  • A Single Platform for Continual Change. Because the cloud spans every channel,’s customer service solution lets you provide customer assistance whenever, wherever, and however requested.’s multitenant infrastructure gives 67,900 customers the speed, flexibility, and scale required for call center CRM success in a constantly evolving world.
  • Go Global… and Virtual. Multitenancy means you can use agents anywhere in the world with customer service software as a service from So choose your ideal mix of home-sourcing, outsourcing, and in-sourcing, and turn agents on as needed—instantly, and all seamlessly integrated with your Web self-service.
  • Go Live in a Fraction of the Time. With Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support, our customers are up and running in weeks and months, even in the toughest industries such as telecommunications, financial services, and high tech.
  • Make Change On-the-Fly. Customizing your customer service application is as easy as pointing and clicking—enabling you to react quickly to trends and opportunities as you spot them.
  • Leave the Upgrades to Us. Upgrades happen automatically and transparently with’s customer service software as a service model. And they never break your call center CRM customizations and integrations.
  • Integrate with Anything. Call center CRM and customer portal processes span multiple organizations and systems. Unlike conventional customer support software,’s customer service software as a service makes it easy to tie them all together. Between the comprehensive Connect toolset and partner applications available through the AppExchange, all your integration needs are covered.

Go Way Beyond the Call

With Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support software as a service, you gain the breadth, knowledge, and flexibility to deliver the rich and responsive service experience today’s customers demand across all channels, including self-service. No other call center CRM or customer service software alternative comes anywhere close.


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Always on, always connected. The future of customer service is here.

Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Service Cloud allows you to deliver revolutionary customer service from anywhere, anytime, on any device. So you can embed one-touch service directly into products. It’s the full power and functionality of Service Cloud wherever you are.

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Editions & pricing

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Deep customization for comprehensive support


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Single console view for Inside Sales

Access to new contacts and accounts

Auto data cleansing

Unlimited custom app development

Multiple sandboxes, plus more storage

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Try for FREE includes the following features:

Case management

Multi-channel support

Productivity tools

Self-service customer portal mobile app

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