Connect your employees to the charitable causes that they care about most with a single click.
View dashboards of individual and companywide progress toward philanthropic goals.
Employees get recommendations for causes and volunteer activities based on their location, preferences, and charitable history.
Create a branded experience for all employees and curate content to drive campaigns and celebrate the heroes in your company.

Our goal with Philanthropy Cloud is to create a global network that connects companies and their employees to nonprofits at scale.”

Match your employees to the perfect charitable opportunities through our partnership with United Way, the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable nonprofit. Connect with United Way’s extensive list of charities and causes, as well as their support and educational resources to help your employees make a charitable difference in their community.
Building Philanthropy Cloud let us maintain giving and volunteering as a cornerstone of our culture. Now, we’re offering that technology to you. Organize, customize, and track your philanthropic efforts with Philanthropy Cloud, powered by the Salesforce Platform.


nonprofits, K-12, and higher ed institutions receiving donations


dollars in grants given to charity


volunteer hours spent helping others

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