Members of our Sales team earn trusted advisor status to some of the world's most admired companies by helping our customers transform how they connect to their customers, partners and employees. Our Sales organization consistently delivers exceptional growth by enabling each member of our team with the support, resources and tools they need to be successful every day. We operate in a climate of trust, transparency, and teamwork, and we have fun winning for our customers, our company, our communities, and ourselves. 


I was in a meeting recently in which one of our earliest customers was leading the conversation with a prospect about their journey. It was authentic, honest, and amazing to hear, in our customer's own words, all we've done together in the past ten years. She ended with this: 'When I met the team from Salesforce, my son was finishing elementary school, and now he's graduating from college - they're in it for the long haul.' I'm so proud to be part of this team!

I kept hearing people talk about 'January Magic'—how we wanted to feel as we crossed the finish line, and the intensity of the last month of our fiscal year. The teamwork and determination we displayed while working toward an insurmountable goal was incredible. Salesforce brings out the absolute best in you because of the level of talent, leadership, and commitment to excellence.
We are always doing something fun in the office, whether it's a breakfast or lunch for month or quarter end, a Halloween costume contest, or a spin class to raise money for Light the Night. What makes these activities fun, though, are the people - from the AVP to every individual contributor. We have a tight network of people who work hard, help each other succeed, and joke around.

When it comes to generating new leads, our global team of Sales Representatives (SRs) means business! SRs work closely with inbound prospects to determine how our products can help them best run their businesses.

For Business Development Representatives (BDRs), every new and existing account is a prospect for business. BDRs also collaborate closely with their Account Executive to build a pipeline across multiple product lines.

We’re experiencing unprecedented growth due to the demand from companies to connect with customers. And we’re growing our team of Strategic Account Managers and Account Executives to tackle this demand.

SDR - Sales Development Representative
BDR - Business Development Representative
AE - Account Executive
SAM - Strategic Account Manager
GAM - Global Account Manager
RM - Regional Manager
RVP - Regional Vice President
AVP - Area Vice President
CBU - Commercial Business Unit
SB - Small Business
GRB - Growth Business
MID-CMRCL - Mid Commercial
GEN-CMRCL - General Commercial
EBU - Enterprise Business Unit
ECS - Enterprise Corporate Services
HLS - Healthcare Life Sciences
FINS - Financial Services
CPG/Retail - Consumer Product Goods / Retail
CPQ - Cash Per Quote (Steelbrick)