Our Tech and Product team is responsible for innovating and maintaining a massive distributed systems engineering platform that ships hundreds of features to production for tens of millions of users across all industries every day. Our users count on our platform to be highly reliable, lightning fast, supremely secure, and to preserve all of their customizations and integrations every time we ship. Our platform is deeply customizable to meet the differing demands of our vast user base, creating an exciting environment filled with complex challenges for our hundreds of agile engineering teams every day.

I'm surrounded by people who have helped me grow tremendously as an engineer and as a person. I'm consistently humbled by how intelligent, approachable and focused everyone is. Working in this environment gives me confidence in my ability to solve problems in thoughtful ways because everyone's opinion is treated with equal respect. We work hard, but we have a lot of fun at the same time. When I'm not coding, you'll find me measuring flour at my desk to use in my team's bread machine.

I work with amazing people writing software that solves tricky infrastructure challenges. We have a culture that encourages engineers to explore the problem space and find the best solution for it. At cloud scale, it’s not uncommon that the best solution is the one we create ourselves to push the limits of hardware, software, infrastructure, and everything in between! I also love that we’re a big company, but still feel small. You still have connections to people and have a sense of belonging, or what we like to call, our Ohana.


Being a product designer at Salesforce has given me the opportunity to create systems that solve complex problems so that our users don’t have to. That’s something that excites me. I enjoy working with my colleagues in UX to create beautiful, functional and accessible design that a large audience can use. As a designer, I look to create a visual-syntax that creates an unspoken connection with our audience. Salesforce has helped me on that journey.


This team designs, architects, and develops platforms and applications for companies like Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, Google, and E*TRADE.

Performance Engineering helped Salesforce become the first enterprise cloud computing company with full transparency into our platform’s performance: trust.salesforce.com.

Our Infrastructure Engineering team delivers the most trustworthy, dependable, and innovative infrastructure services to our community of global customers.

It’s all about the user on this team, where we design great experiences that ensure our customers’ success.

Employees on this team deliver social, onboarding, tech training, recognition, rewards innovation, and patent programs to the Technology organization.

This team works across the clouds, driving programs that deliver innovative enterprise cloud applications and infrastructure. We are the grease, glue, and coach that create delighted users, thriving teams and innovation everywhere.

The Documentation and User Assistance team has won 12 STC Touchstone awards in three years. This dynamic group is always looking for new innovators and game-changers.

This team is responsible for ensuring that our products and infrastructure meet security standards while protecting our networks, systems, data centers and, most important, our customers' data.