Pack Health responds to Covid-19

It was clear that we needed a public health and medical response on an unprecedented level.”

Mazi Rasulnia | Founder and CEO
83 employees
Salesforce customer since 2014


decrease in time to train Health Advisors


Pack Health scales virtual care to support the chronically ill during the COVID-19 crisis.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States in early 2020, hospitals and insurance companies began moving patients with chronic conditions out of their systems, canceling routine appointments and elective surgeries in order to accommodate those with COVID-19. But this vulnerable population of patients with chronic conditions still needed help managing their health at home to ensure that they weren’t putting themselves in high-risk situations that could compromise their wellbeing.

Pack Health, a digital health coaching company for chronic disease management, quickly scaled to accommodate 25,000 to 50,000 new members with chronic conditions in its remote care system.


The hope is that our services help free up every nurse, pharmacist, and doctor to work at the top of their game right now fighting COVID-19.”

Mazi Rasulnia | Founder and CEO

Pack Health is a Trailblazer in chronic disease management.

In normal times, companies contract with Pack Health to provide one-on-one digital health coaching to patients for more than 25 chronic conditions like diabetes, COPD, or mental health. But the novel coronavirus changed everything, both for patients with underlying health conditions (who are at an increased risk of contracting the virus) and for the greater healthcare infrastructure. To help relieve the burden, Pack Health needed to be able to quadruple its team of coaches to accommodate the influx of new patients.

“Chronic disease in the U.S. is already at crisis levels,” said Mazi Rasulnia, President and CEO of Pack Health. “Combine that with a pandemic, and it was clear that we needed a public health and medical response on an unprecedented level.”

Pack Health onboards patients with the help of Salesforce, including digital communications and specialized call center agents who provide program education and warmly transition members into engagement. This way, Health Advisor time and capacity is fully maximized to focus solely on providing care and checking in with members at least five times per week via phone, text, or email.


Scaling to meet the needs of an overextended healthcare system.

Pack Health is handling the influx of members with a goal of hiring 30 to 40 new advisors to support its rapid expansion. While employee onboarding is normally a hybrid of both face-to-face and virtual education, the company has been able to compress its training program from two weeks to five days by shipping out Chromebooks that are preloaded with Service Cloud and other resources. Using Service Cloud, Health Advisors can reference knowledge articles to educate members on their condition, set goals and reminders, and form plans to manage their health.

Because these tools, as well as patient records, are already in the cloud with Salesforce, Pack Health can achieve ultimate scalability and configurability to quickly meet changing needs.

“Being in the cloud with Salesforce gave us full confidence that we could scale,” said Rasulnia. “The technologies and processes were already there, so we didn’t really have a hiccup in terms of going virtual and being able to handle the incoming requests.”


Build loyalty with every interaction using complete customer support software with Service Cloud

Ramping up to engage members wherever they are.

Pack Health tailors relationships with each member using important insights like social determinants of health and connecting with patients on their preferred channel, whether email, phone, text, or secure app. In addition, Pack Health’s software developers have configured preapproved text message templates within Salesforce, allowing Health Advisors to customize messages to members through simple drag-and-drop functionality.

“Salesforce has created a lot of efficiencies for our Health Advisors to be able to do follow-ups and add touchpoints for members,” said Rasulnia. “If Salesforce didn’t have the flexibility it does, we wouldn’t be able to optimize engagement like we have.”

The data that Pack Health collects (from wearables that monitor patients to member/advisor conversations) allows the company to visualize a full-scale picture of health for each member. Health Advisors are able to compound the relational foundation they’ve built with members through remote data collection — and they can see it all right in the cloud.

“People are scared, they’re stressed, and they’re experiencing high levels of uncertainty. For individuals with chronic conditions, this can be extremely overwhelming,” said Rasulnia. “So we’re now becoming that digital quarterback or coach that can support them through this time.”

Configuring systems to meet changing needs.

Pack Health attributes its ability to scale and respond quickly in the time of crisis to having a service platform that can easily be customized to meet changing needs. Rasulnia believes that having off-the-shelf functionality that can be built upon with deeper customization saves time, money, and headaches — allowing Pack Health staff to focus on what really matters.

“The hope is that our services help free up every nurse, pharmacist, and doctor to work at the top of their game right now fighting COVID-19. We just want to do whatever we can to be part of the solution.”


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