As technology advances, so do we — powered by the products Salesforce provides.”

SANDI MAYS, EVP, Chief Customer Experience Officer and CIO
When Zayo purchased VoicePipe, a retail voice-over-Internet-Protocol service in 2007, the acquisition came with an unexpected bonus — Salesforce. VoicePipe used Salesforce for everything. “Our CEO, Dan Caruso, said, 'You know what? This Salesforce thing has some promise,'” says Sandi Mays, Senior Vice President of Tranzact, Sales Ops, and Billing at Zayo. “Well, that was an understatement, because that promise led to literally everything.” As a global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, which includes Ethernet, IP services, and dark fiber (surplus-installed optical fiber that can be leased ), Zayo’s network encompasses 81,500 route miles across the U.S. and Europe, and connects to more than 16,000 on-net buildings, providing connectivity to the majority of data centers and carrier hotels in the U.S. Today, Zayo has more than 1,600 employees, and everyone uses Salesforce — it’s even integrated into their phone system. The Salesforce Platform is at the heart of Zayo’s success. Zayo has created dozens of custom apps on the platform to accelerate business processes and connect people across the company. These include everything from pricing approval requests, to quarterly performance check-ins, to quarterly “Reflect. Align. Develop.” meetings between managers and employees — all through Salesforce. Using Salesforce Platform tools, Zayo also built an engaging app called Tranzact that takes buying and managing bandwidth services — a process normally complex and hard to navigate — and breaks it down into easy-to-follow steps in a graphical interface. Customers can even see maps of Zayo’s fiber network and calculate the distance from their building to the nearest Zayo fiber. Tranzact “takes something as complex as buying a telecom service and makes it as easy as shoe shopping,” says Mays. Because the foundation for Tranzact was built on the Salesforce Platform, the app is integrated with company data so customers can order service, get quotes, or manage existing services on their own — without picking up the phone. “The driving idea was that a person should never have to enter their information more than once,” says Mays. “Because everything is linked together, using the same data from quote to contract, we never lose customers in cycles.” Putting the customer in charge and giving them the power to drive the provisioning process has accelerated the time from quote to contract and freed up the sales team to focus on other opportunities. Zayo has even integrated DocuSign to handle contracts and paperwork in real time so the process is nearly seamless from beginning to end. The reaction to Tranzact has been so positive that other companies have approached Zayo asking how they can replicate this experience for their customers.

Salesforce is great. I can even approve time sheets on my phone or tablet. We told our teams they needed to get it — they did, and they love it.”

SANDI MAYS, EVP, Chief Customer Experience Officer and CIO

Zayo executives also use the Salesforce mobile app to get a panoramic view of each customer and stay on top of the business from anywhere. “It’s great,” says Mays. “I can even approve time sheets on my phone or tablet. We told our teams they needed to get it. They did, and they love it. They get a complete view of every customer, and get Chatter updates and posts as well.” In fact, Chatter has become a way of life for Zayo — from team management announcements and follow-ups on service orders to talking with customers. Everyone’s on it, and it’s mobile. “I’d even say it’s possible we use Chatter more than Salesforce itself does,” says Mays. With the capacity to accelerate customers’ capabilities to enrich, entertain, teach, protect, and inspire the people of the world by providing enormous bandwidth and connectivity over their exceptional network infrastructure, Zayo connects people. And the buying experience is enjoyable because of Salesforce. “As technology advances, so do we — powered by the products Salesforce provides,” says Mays. With a smoother renewal process, and increased customer satisfaction scores, adoption, and opportunity for growth, Zayo will continue to evolve at fiber-optic speed. And they are happy to share who’s behind it. Says Mays, “We tell them the truth — we made Salesforce our religion. We run our entire business on Salesforce.”

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