We've all heard the term 'the Cloud' ' but it's more than the latest high-tech buzzword, particularly for those for whom the term has become synonymous with everyday functions like cloud syncing and backup. That said, only recently has the average individual truly begun to grasp that the cloud is much more than a fluffy white shape in the sky.

As our understanding has grown, so has the increased need for cloud-based functions in business processes. Enterprise cloud computing is rapidly becoming the go to solution for businesses of all sizes.

Adopting a cloud-based model allows an organization to keep up with the current business communications landscape, and more specifically, the need for multi-device capabilities. 5 years ago, most individuals had no more than two devices at their disposal, a cell phone and a computer. But today, the term 'computer' is really plural... we have desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, mini tablets, etc. All of these devices combine to equal a fragmented communications stream that represents a recipe for disaster in the business world. Luckily, the cloud ' that buzzy, non-fluffy whit shape in the sky ' is here to pull the pieces together.

Traditionally, messages sent and received on a phone were stuck and limited to that phone alone. With the adoption of the cloud, messages are freed and made available on a user's computer, tablet, and smartphone, merging ubiquity and history to daily communications.

Storing and syncing messages in the cloud also allows users to securely send and receive messages from the same phone number on the device of their choice. The key attribute is the ability to create more adaptable work environments, whether on the go, in the office, or at home. This synchronization reinvents the way employees work, allowing for increased collaboration, communication, and efficiency.

HeyWire Business is one those services that relies on the cloud to let you send and receive mobile messages from desktops, tablets and phones. Like many cloud services, we offer a business mobile messaging service that offers increased ubiquity, flexibility and projection while making it easy to separate your personal and business communications. Head over to HeyWire Business to learn more!

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