The platform of choice for agencies and brand advertisers, helps you create highly effective advertising campaigns that drive real business results from your ad investment. Active Audiences allows you to unlock your own customer data to more effectively communicate and generate value from your CRM database.

  • Advertise at scale.

    As the world becomes increasingly social and mobile, the power of advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn gives agency and brand teams the ability to reach customers at the right time, on the right device, with the the most compelling and engaging message. With customers in 54 countries, has powered over a trillion ad impressions for customers around the globe.

  • Manage campaigns and build high performing teams.

    Build highly targeted social advertising campaigns at scale with our easy-to-use, self-service platform. Collaborate with your teams by creating shared assets on, allowing you to work across client brands, product lines, and internal teams, using best practice learnings to increase ad performance and team efficiency. Plus, you can take advantage of our professional service offerings for added campaign support.

  • Optimize and report.

    Understand the true business results that your social advertising campaigns are driving by measuring real business metrics like leads, revenue, and mobile app installs. Make one-click optimization decisions across thousands of ads or campaigns, or define your own automation logic from custom dashboards and powerful visualizations. Then build custom ad-hoc or scheduled reports from our powerful reporting center.

  • Activate your customer data.

    Digital advertising is changing. Mobile web traffic now accounts for nearly 30% of all web viewing. And since mobile devices don’t use cookies, targeting techniques that worked on the desktop are no longer viable. So why not use the data you already have — your Marketing Cloud customer and interaction data. With Active Audiences, you can combine this information with the incredible targeting data at your disposal in Facebook and Twitter to find new customers in unprecedented ways.


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