Automatically discover relevant patterns based on your data without having to build the sophisticated data models required by traditional business analysis tools and data analysis software.


Get answers to key business questions — including what happened, why it happened, what could happen, and what to do about it — by letting Einstein Discovery analyze millions of data combinations in a matter of minutes.

Can’t draw clear conclusions from your data? Know exactly where to drill down — and know why — with Einstein Discovery. It guides you every step of the way, asking the next questions, even ones you didn’t know to ask.


Go from finding answers with Einstein Discovery to taking action on your findings without ever leaving Salesforce. Salesforce users now have access to AI-powered insights and recommendations right where they work, within Sales Cloud or Service Cloud.

Uncover predictive insights that might never be found using manual analysis techniques alone. Work in tandem with Einstein Discovery to provide feedback and enhance its insights with human intuition.

Make business predictions using our simple point-and-click interface. Use all your CRM data in Salesforce to predict anything from customer churn to lifetime value and beyond.
Don’t have your own dedicated data scientist? Einstein Prediction Builder uses machine learning to provide fast results automated specifically for your company, instead of using a one-size-fits-all model.
Make your AI-powered insights easily accessible — and highly contextual within Salesforce — for the sales reps, service agents, and marketers who need to act on them.
Find out what Einstein Discovery does, how it works, and why it will make every Salesforce user smarter and more productive by taking the Trailhead module.