Corporate marketers can create and deploy best-practice consumer journeys to advisors, owners, and partners using Journey Builder. Journey Builder is Marketing Cloud’s journey management tool that enables marketers to create targeted, 1-to-1 journeys across channels and devices.
Once a journey has been created, the corporate marketer goes into the cloud that their advisors, owners, or partners use everyday — Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, or Community Cloud — and connects the journey to the Salesforce campaign. It’s that easy.
Advisors, owners, and partners log in to the cloud they use every day and can access all of the pre-built journeys that the corporate marketing team has created. For example, they might choose a welcome journey to activate for their customers or prospects.
Advisors, owners, and partners can edit each message that will be sent to individual contacts within the journey in order to deliver a personalized communication.
Once an individual journey is selected, the advisor, owner, or partner can see all the contacts who are eligible for the welcome series journey. Based on their most recent interactions with each individual, they can approve or reject each contact they want to include in the welcome series.
Personalized messages can then be previewed by email address, ensuring the copy is tailored to each individual. Once the advisor, owner, or partner is ready, they can activate the journey. The contacts are entered into an on-brand and highly personalized cross-channel journey that was built by the corporate marketing team.
It’s important to understand how consumers are engaging with content. Advisors, owners, and partners can see how the journey and message are performing at an aggregate view with Distributed Marketing from Salesforce. They also have the ability to analyze how each individual contact is interacting with messages.
All of that engagement data is then pushed back into Marketing Cloud at the aggregate, journey level. This means the corporate marketer has complete visibility into how each message in the journey is performing. If necessary, the marketer can then adapt and change the journey to continue delivering the optimal experience.
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