Mobile messaging is the preferred method of communication for today’s ultra-connected, on-the-go consumers. And now, it’s the cost-effective way for your support centers to deliver a convenient, low-effort customer experience. Introducing Salesforce LiveMessage, two-way conversational mobile messaging built natively on the world’s #1 intelligent customer service platform.

We message throughout the day — every day — with our friends, family, and work colleagues. What if your customers could text your 800-number to get the help they need just as easily? Now they can.

With two-way conversational messaging, your customers can engage with customer support via messaging apps, like SMS and Facebook Messenger. Reduce your support costs and make your customers happier.

LiveMessage is a Tier 1 telecom carrier for SMS. We make your customer support number textable. This allows you to intelligently route customer text messages to your support agents just like any other support request or case, such as voice calls, emails, tweets, as well as Messenger conversations. Using the Service Cloud Agent Console, agents have a unified view of your customer with easy access to the information they need to solve your customers’ issues at lightning speed.
With LiveMessage, businesses can reduce cost per interaction up to 75% compared to voice support. Agents are able to handle up to 10 message conversations simultaneously versus only 1 phone call, providing a huge boost to productivity and savings for your service operation. Now that’s a conversation worth having.
You can start delivering lightning-fast customer service in a few easy steps. Plus, access our Success Community to learn from other users, and more.
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